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Re: [Norton AntiSpam] RE: [RC] New Awards [RC] RE: [RC] [RC] Midwest horse feeding and riding buddies RE: [RC] Half Arabs & Arab Crosses - new categories reflecting the cross Re: [RC] LD BC [RC] "lite feeds" [RC] "stop the insanity" [RC] "Stop the Insanity" Re: [RC] "stop the insanity" NICELY STATED!!! [RC] "Worst Condition" award for Riders [RC] (no subject) Re: [RC] (no subject) AMEN!!!!! [RC] [Fwd: Bicyclists] Re: [RC] [gr] Fwd: [AERCMembersForum] Web site info [RC] [RC] (no subject) - Schmittdocoks Re: [RC] [RC] A Crew Question?!? Re: [RC] [RC] Australian Stock Saddle Co Re: [RC] [RC] B on gut sounds Re: [RC] [RC] Can't use bells on a Walker/Mule FW: RE: [RC] [RC] cribbing FW: Re: [RC] [RC] deadly bicyclist/ RE: [RC] [RC] FW: [RC] Trails/Warnings that bikers are coming [RC] [RC] Ghost Horses Re: [RC] [RC] LD regional BC RE: [RC] [RC] LD's RE: [RC] [RC] Midwest horse feeding and riding buddies RE: [RC] [RC] New Awards RE: [RC] [RC] Trails/Warnings that bikers are coming Re: [RC] [RC] Training Filly Re: [RC] [RC]AQHA vs AHA [RC] [RC]Sweepstakes Program [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.3231 [RC] Fwd: [RC]? "stop the insanity" [RC] 2 cents on LD, how about a quarter? [RC] 2 cents on LD, how about a quarter? - Dream Weaver [RC] 25/30 & BC [RC] 25/30 BC [RC] A Change of Topic- PS 100 Mile Riders [RC] A Crew Question?!? [RC] According to my friends...OT [RC] accuracy of hand helt heart rate monitors [RC] Accuracy of handhelds [RC] Accuracy of handhelds A+ Plus [RC] accuracy of HRM/ wrist bands [RC] Adequan [RC] AERC Online Points - NAEC [RC] AERC Online points have changed [RC] AERC site back up [RC] AERC site temporarily down [RC] Albuquerque & Estancia, NM [RC] Alternative to Wearing Two Bras [RC] Annette Culberson [RC] Another 2 cents on LDs [RC] Apology to Carla & Cindy [RC] Arab and arab crosses [RC] Arab and Arab crosses Re: [RC] arab and half arabs [RC] Arab crosses in endurance [RC] Arab/Tennessee Walker crosses.... [RC] Arabs & Arab-crosses [RC] attention writers/aspiring writers/story tellers [RC] Attn: Susan Garlinghouse,need advice on afalfa for pastures. [RC] Attn: Susan Garlinghouse/help with alfalfa pasture [RC] Aural Plaque [RC] Aural Plaques [RC] aural plaques [RC] Aus. stock saddle co. [RC] Australian Stock Saddle Co [RC] Automatic Waterers? What do you use? [RC] Awards [RC] AZ Vet ??? ... [RC] B on gut sounds [RC] BC Chuckle & lesson learned [RC] BC for LD - Jonni/Kathleen [RC] BC--different slant [RC] bells-what better time of year to use them! [RC] best & worst condition [RC] Best Condition. Who knows? [RC] Best Condition/Worst Condition Awards [RC] Best Condition/Worst Condition Awards- For Riders !! [RC] bikes and horses [RC] Bitless Bridles [RC] Bonita Easy Come, Easy Go Turkey Trot - 11/26/05 - part 1 [RC] Bonita Easy Come, Easy Go Turkey Trot - part 2 [RC] Bonita Turkey Trot [RC] bucking rolls [RC] C.R.E.W. UNION [RC] Can't use bells on a Walker/Mule [RC] Carla's attitude [RC] Carolina 100 results [RC] Carolina 100 revised [RC] Carolina 30 results (unofficial) [RC] Carolina 55 - ride results (unofficial) [RC] cashel soft saddle - Ridecamp Guest [RC] Cheryl - Better than bells [RC] Christmas party invite from Tammy Robinson and Trail-Rite! [RC] clarification to post [RC] close enough is good enough [RC] Convex mirrors for trails [RC] costumes [RC] Cranial Sacral and Reiki for Oro tonight [RC] Crashin' horses [RC] Dave Nicholson [RC] deadly bicyclist [RC] deadly bicyclist/ [RC] deadly trails [RC] Decade Team Updates [RC] desert gold [RC] Desert Gold [RC] Desert Gold ride [RC] Disaster plan [RC] Earle Baxter [RC] Easyboots and easyboot studs RE: [RC] Ed, Re; Zoological Correlation between Pigs and Horses [RC] edema [RC] Endurance horse rehydration, part 1 [RC] Endurance horse rehydration, part 2 [RC] endurance riding in Nevada [RC] endurance/help me [RC] EPM_Report - might be Oro .... [RC] Family Disaster Plan [RC] Farewell to Silver State RE: [RC] feeding questions [RC] Final final final LD Re: [RC] Final final final LD/New Rider Category [RC] FW: [RC] Trails/Warnings that bikers are coming [RC] Fw: [So_Cal_Endurance] 4 Day Old Colt Abandoned - In Rescue - Needs Adoption Soon!!! [RC] Fw: Fw: LD regional BC [RC] Fw: Juniors [RC] FW: Turkey Trot Tale , part 1 of 2 [RC] Gator Run [RC] Ghost Horses [RC] Give it to the Vet . Board to decide [RC] Glycosamine [RC] Gracelyn / Rush [RC] Grazing/converting hayground Re: [RC] Gun season riding. [RC] Half arabs [RC] Half Arabs Re: [RC] Half arabs [RC] Half Arabs & Arab Crosses [RC] half arabs/arab crosses [RC] Handheld HRM -Correct Use [RC] Heart beats [RC] heart beats Re: [RC] Heart beats [RC] Heidi at Sagehill [RC] Help w/ Mare in SC [RC] help w/mare in SC [RC] High withers/saddle fits [RC] horrible story/sharing the trails - education is the answer [RC] Horses added to classifieds [RC] How much fussing with blankets and shelters is too much? [RC] Howard [RC] Howard sez [RC] Howard's stories [RC] Howard's TN story [RC] HRM - Missing (:-( [RC] If horses don't care... [RC] If horses don't care..... [RC] i'm sooo not AWAKE!!! re:the good, the bad, & the ugly [RC] info about the deadly encounter-would someone be so kind as to send me the original [RC] info again re the Little-S hackamore [RC] Jeanie [RC] Jeanie's challenge [RC] Jeanne - BC In PS [RC] Junior Riders [RC] Juniors [RC] L D, BC, [RC] LD / Endurance 2 more cents [RC] LD again [RC] LD BC [RC] LD BC - Compromise?? [RC] LD BC - Not just the RM's decision Re: [RC] LD BC (getting off this bucker) [RC] LD BC etc. [RC] LD BC...again [RC] LD BC: Turkey Trot (PS) [RC] LD, BC & AERC Name Change [RC] LD/BC [RC] LD/BC - Bruce [RC] LD/BC award [RC] LD/BC...again [RC] LDs [RC] LD's [RC] LDs crew RE: [RC] Leaky Ponds Re: [RC] Little Joe saddle pads? [RC] Lost Freind [RC] mentor needed [RC] Molassas/Nutritional needs [RC] More Desert Gold stories? [RC] More interesting stats RE: [RC] Mr. Tom Ivers [RC] Nevada [RC] New Awards [RC] new awards Re: [RC] New Awards Re: [RC] new awards RE: [RC] New Awards [RC] new awards catagories [RC] New Idea [RC] New LD Condition Award [RC] New Rider Clinic to be hosted by The Trace Tribute on 03/17/06 [RC] New Rider Option Pulls to Go with New Awards [RC] noise on trail Re: [RC] novice class, LD taken seriously, stats for you [RC] Nutritional Needs of the Endurance Horse [RC] One of THOSE Rides... [RC] Oro had chiropractic adjustment [RC] Pond/Tank [RC] Question on LD stats, and Attitude [RC] Rachel's sick& My Uncool accident [RC] Racing RE: [RC] Racing and LD BC [RC] re: [RC] Albuquerque & Estancia, NM, Me Too! [RC] re: JANUSTUDIO...in the SE [RC] re: things I learned in 2005 [RC] re: trailer bearings [RC] re:LD BC [RC] re:LD/BC [RC] re:Vickie...Jeanie [RC] Re;LD/BC [RC] Regional LD BC Awards [RC] Repair of a pond/tank on my new property [RC] Reply to HRM Issue Angie [RC] Revised: Carolina 55 results [RC] Ride and Fish? [RC] Ride and Gun [RC] Right to Ride Legislation is Stalled! [RC] Rob [RC] Robert Montgomery Watson Poem [RC] Robert Montgomery Watson poem -- Tevis trail pioneer [RC] Rob's challenge [RC] Running it into the ground [RC] Rush [RC] rushcreek equal [RC] Rushcreek Equal aka 'Rush' [RC] Santa Cruz Housing avail. [RC] Shagya-Arabs? D. Sellers [RC] sharing trails/deadly cyclist [RC] Some things i learned in 2005 [RC] Specialized Saddle on High-withers- EXPERIENCES ANYONE? [RC] Specialized Saddles/High Withers Re: [RC] spooking [RC] spooking, another perspective [RC] Spooky Horse Re: [RC] Spooky Horse - watch the shoulders Re: [RC] starting 50s vs LD [RC] Starting Juniors [RC] Stomach Edema [RC] Successful endurance Arab crosses [RC] Taking BC because of LD [RC] the good, the bad, and the ugly...@Carolina (long) [RC] The latest in Email scams, (and my reply) [RC] The Trace Tribute 03/18/06 - Update to Base Camp Location & LD Mileage [RC] To Susan Pricess of the Pink, re novice LD, etc [RC] Tom Ivers EquineRacingSystems [RC] Trail Crew Leader Course [RC] Trailer bearings [RC] Trails/Warnings that bikers are coming [RC] train your horse to like bikes (and other spooks) [RC] train your horse to love bikes [RC] Turkey trot tale, part 2 of 2 [RC] Two Questions ?? [RC] Two Questions answered Re: [RC] Two Questions Answered ! [RC] unsubscribe please [RC] Unsubscrible Please [RC] Update on 2005 PS 100 Mile Horse Awards [RC] Veterinarians: Crucial & Underpaid [RC] Waterers/Heidi [RC] Weight Division Question [RC] Weights [RC] What I learned in 2005 [RC] what to do instead of LD BC awards [RC] Words [RC] yapping re: [RC] "stop the insanity" RE: [SPAM] [RC] (no subject) RE: [SPAM] Re: [RC] LD BC Re: [RC] Fwd: [RC]? "stop the insanity" Subject: [RC] Aural Plaques

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