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RE: [RC] Heidi at Sagehill - Don Huston

At 09:30 PM 12/1/2005 Thursday, you wrote:
> Heidi writes : "One could well ponder the idea that perhaps more people are more willing
> to ride LD rides (be they beginners, oldsters, or whoever) in regions
> that are more LD-friendly..." Heidi, your combative attitude is making you jump to the wrong conclusion here. The only logical conclusion is that the riders in the west would rather ride ENDURANCE!

Don, it's only combat if you were fighting in the first place.  I'm just
discussing, not engaging in combat.  Maybe you were engaging in
combat--I can't speak for you.

As for West riders who would rather ride ENDURANCE, the ridership in the
NW on endurance rides at those same events as compared to the ridership
in the W region is in line with the relative membership.  I couldn't
find membership stats by region on the AERC site (can anybody help with
that?) but the NW endurance ridership at those events that also hosted
LD rides was 82% of the W endurance entry at comparable events.  And if
I'm not mistaken, our membership is less than 82% of the W membership...
  So I'd say we're holding our own there as well.  :-)


The point here is that all these numbers and percentages can be slanted in many directions. When I slant them in a way you don't like you come back with some new numbers slanted in another direction. Nobody has said that your "membership" (we are all in the same membership by the way) was not holding its own. You are being combative and a smiley face does not hide it.
Don Huston


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RE: [RC] Heidi at Sagehill, heidi