Owyhee Endurance Rides
Idaho Endurance Rides 2019 Schedule
Owyhee Owyhee Tough Sucker 25/50April 6
City of Rocks MultidayJune 6,7,8 (Thursday, Friday,Saturday)
Owyhee Hallowed Weenies 25/50 October 26
The Southwest Idaho Trail & Distance Riders organization website has more information on Idaho Endurance and Trail rides. You can also find more information on Endurance Riding at the American Endurance Ride Conference website and Endurance.Net

2019 Owyhee Tough Sucker 25,50
April 6
Owyhee desert No Frills rides. April 2 - 25, 50 and Trail Ride. Easy/moderate early rides with good footing.Some sand washes, some rocky sections Ridecamp at Teeter Ranch, Ride managers Regina Rose and Steph Teeter.

2019 City of Rocks Pioneer, 3 Day Ride - 25,50,35,55
June 6,7,8
Basecamp in Almo, Idaho at 5000 ft elevation. Three days of riding, LD and 50/55 each day. Some challenging scenic climbs, mostly good footing. Ride Managers Steph Teeter and Regina Rose.

2019 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies 25,50
October 26
Good footing, easy desert trails. Ride Managers Regina Rose and Steph Teeter.

photos: 2003 Pacific South Challenge 100 (May 27, 2003)

AERC NC photos || Arabian Nights photos
Tour d'Oreana
Tom Noll's Story

Ancient Shores

Kathy Irvine

Just like your vagrant tumbleweeds,
    recollections of you drift
    through my thoughts.
You were handsome
    as your wind burned cowboys
    with sagebrush collar
    worn against a craggy jaw.
You took me to high places where you
    revealed a ravaged past,
    and why you wear spines and armor plates
    without apology.
Your moody sands etched a deeper truth
    in my face. Still, in the shady embrace
    of your cottonwood canyons I was renewed.
    And, in purple evenings with moon as bold as day.
    you gave me fortunes in the stars.
You were a first kiss.
    I wear its blush today.
But, tomorrow is what I dream.
    'Till we meet again, Owyhee.