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    Does "Running Bear Tack" ring a bell?

    If you're an Endurance Enthusiast, Distance Rider, or Ride & Tie participant, it should - RiNg-a-DiNG!

    I'm sure many of you remember Teddy Lancaster of Running Bear Tack. Teddy, our longtime friend, was a staunch supporter of all things horse, or Endurance, Distance, and Ride & Tie. She brought her big trailer full of horse and rider supplies to most of the rides across the country. Teddy was often the first to set up and the last to head out. She quickly shared her time, tack, and enthusiasm with so many of us over the decades. She loved to gab and offered her advice, encouragement, and good humor.

    Fast forward to today. Teddy can use our help. In 2019, Teddy's dementia reached a point where she required more specialized medical assistance. She is living in an assisted living facility near her home in Central Florida. Ed Paige, Teddy's longtime companion, is nearby with their dog, Liberty, and closely watches over her care and finances.

    I'm sure most of you were unaware that Parrytack.com fulfilled Teddy's Running Bear Tack orders while she was moving to her new home in Florida. Parry Harness & Tack, established in 1978, and Running Bear Tack, started not long after, were the first tack manufacturers to introduce Biothane to the equine industry. As friends and colleagues, each with our own style and following attended many of the same shows. I am thankful for her being a part of my life and hope that we horse friends can help her now when she needs us.

    I have collected the last remaining Running Bear Tack to clean, catalog, and sell, to benefit Teddy. This consists of the remaining inventory from her tack truck (which she sold).

    Those in our circle support each other in so many ways. If you please, help by sharing this post addressed to our friends and customers whose passion is horses. Whether that be the sport of Endurance, Distance, Ride & Tie, or Trail riding, the impact of World and National events has taken its toll on us all. We hope that this finds you and your families safe and out of harm's way. May God bless us all.

    These are all NEW items from her truck. Of course, I can make any of the Runningbear Tack Line to your specifications and offer that service. But my goal here is to sell the "in-stock" items already made.

    As I clean, check that they're functional, and photograph, I will list each for sale. Watch for biothane/BETA tack and parts (bridles, breastplates, reins), martingales, cruppers, girth extensions, sponge leashes, girths, gloves, stirrups, helmets, DaBrims, Helmet covers, Saddlebum riding tights (Men's & Women's), MaiPacks & SnugPak saddlebags, and more.

    I'll make sets of Bridles, Breastplate & Reins first. In some instances, there are different types of Bridles (Halter Bridles, Side pulls, Trail Bridles, with and without Brows, Noses, or padding) that match a breastplate or rein set. Please feel free to ask for anything or any color-combination. Some listings will be by auction and some by direct sale. I'll try to do the auction option, and list/sell most items for 50% off the regular price.

    Shipping via USPS Priority 2-3 day usually runs $8 – $15, depending on box or envelope.

    Let's help Teddy and get these sold!

    Parry Tack and Running Bear Tack respectfully seek your help.

    Own a piece of history while helping a friend and fellow rider.

    And just because...

    I'm Anita of Parrytack.com. I've enjoyed the last couple of local rides (Gator Run and the FEI Ride) and plan to do McCullys in April, then Bandy Creek, soon after. After that, who knows? Time to escape Florida, so watch for us and check the schedule at Parry Harness & Tack's Facebook page.

    ParryTack is 50% Harness & 50% Tack. We offer a full line of Biothane tack for Mini's to Clyde's, Mules and Mutts (and English bulldogs). We have made tack for most disciplines, including endurance, trail, saddle seat, dressage, polo, drill team, and the Sherrif's posse. We do harness for pleasure and show in all sizes as well. Last year we worked with bullfighting horses! Ole!

    I love making things out of the ordinary and welcome those special projects, like pink stirrup leathers, a training Breastplate for a growing Clyde, a harness for the firemen, and race car windows shields. Judy once made an Ice Fishing House!

    Offering a lifetime guarantee, I'm careful of what I ship out. We treat our clients like friends and have made many since 1978 - yep, we're old farts. Here are some pictures of PHT's work:

    Photos of Teddy's Runningbear available tack:

    Call us with any questions or to order by phone toll-free at 888-939-8225 or via cell at 407-230-7370.