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  • Feed Tevis Winners
  • 2022 Trace the Trails photos by John Nowell
  • Les Carr's Endurance horse Tulip is thriving as a therapy horse
  • Wanderlust: A story of personal growth, empathy, romance, and the harsh realities of a year long horseback adventure on the Asian steppe - Mayr, Breidahl
  • Sebastopol rider finishes 14th in world’s longest horse race
  • Second place and Best Condition: Jazz’s first 50 (Road to Tevis 78) - Jessica Black
  • Bringing Through Endurance's Next Stars
  • Horse Group Says Wild Horses Aren’t The Problem, It’s Cattle That’s Destroying The Land
  • The Love of her Lifetime
  • Patagonia: The Gaucho Derby Academy Wants You!
  • 2022 Owl Hoot Spook photos by John Nowell
  • FEI moves Endurance World Championship to UAE on eve of General Assembly
  • Boudheib (UAE) named host of FEI Endurance World Championship 2022
  • One Heck of a Halloween Hillbillie
  • 2022 November's Horses in the Morning Podcast
  • Selecting a Horse Trailer to Fit Your Needs

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    Feed Tevis Winners


    Developing an endurance horse requires proper training and conditioning, but without a solid feeding program, even the best-trained horses can struggle. Gabriella Blakeley and her 13-year-old Arabian gelding (also known as “Pyro”) won the 2022 Tevis Cup, with Christoph Schurke and the GE VA Blizzard of Ozz coming in second. “Ozzy,” the 13-year-old Arabian gelding, was also awarded the Haggin Cup, which is an award for the top 10 horse in best condition in the morning after finishing a ride.

    Both riders know that feeding their horses well is critical to their long-term success and well-being. Carrie Williams, Ph.D., equine extension specialist and professor at Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, who also has experience feeding endurance horses, shared her advice with the horse.

    Endurance Nutrition Program Overview

    Williams said owners of endurance horses need to prioritize fats in their nutritional programs. “It is best to have them on a high-fat, forage-high fat diet because this is the primary fuel source they use for endurance exercise. It helps sustain their energy for long periods of time during exercise...”

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    2022 Trace the Trails photos - John Nowell

    2022 Trace the Trails Endurance ride photos in Texas by John Nowell, Remuda Photography:

    Les Carr's Endurance horse Tulip is thriving as a therapy horse

    Karen Chaton visits 35-year-old Tulip, AERC's highest mileage horse (22,280 mi), happily working as a therapy horse

    November 20 2022
    by Karen Chaton

    Yesterday I mentioned getting to see an old friend while I was at the Cal-Neva Gratitude Ride & Drive. That old friend is Tulip.

    For those that may not know who Tulip is - he is a 35 year old Morab gelding that also happens to be the highest mileage endurance horse in the sport of endurance. Well over 22,000+ miles over an incredibly long career. Tulip's owner, Les Carr, passed away in 2015 and Tulip ended up in the capable hands of his wife Jill and daughter Cecilia.

    I was excited to learn that Tulip was alive and well and has a new job!...

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    Wanderlust: A story of personal growth, empathy, romance, and the harsh realities of a year long horseback adventure on the Asian steppe - Mayr, Breidahl

    Wanderlust: A story of personal growth, empathy, romance, and the harsh realities of a year long horseback adventure on the Asian steppe

    December 4, 2020 by Luisa Mayr and Pete Breidahl (Author)

    A story of personal growth, empathy, romance, and the harsh realities of a yearlong horseback adventure on the Asian steppe.

    The twists and turns that led a young woman and her faithful dog to ride across Asia with a complete stranger are complex, and not far off the script of a hastily slapped together sitcom. Pete and Luisa could not be more opposite; a wild and obnoxious Australian hunter with a dark past and a bubbly, free spirited former vegan and trained vegan chef from Bavaria.

    United by their love of horses and dogs, they set off unprepared, under-equipped and way out of their depth just days after a chance meeting in a Mongolian park. It's a journey full of personal failures and triumphs; romance, and dreams shattered, lost, re-claimed and rebuilt only to fall apart once more. But if I am to start anywhere, then perhaps I start by saying we wrote this book for people just like us. So, if you do contemplate taking any sort of personal journey of self-discovery, you have a chance to avoid many of our failures...

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    Sebastopol rider finishes 14th in world’s longest horse race

    PressDemocrat.com - Full Article

    Sebastopol native Lena Haug endured a dog attack, got kicked in the face and lost her gear, yet lived to tell the tale of the Mongol Derby

    November 18, 2022, 2:06PM

    Lena Haug was close to finishing the longest and most punishing horse race in the world — 640 miles across the Mongolian steppe on half-wild horses, roughly tracing the route of 12th-century emperor Genghis Khan. Fellow competitors already had fallen out, one with a broken back, another a broken neck.

    It was the final night of the race for the 31-year-old equestrian, who grew up in Sebastopol and attended Summerfield Waldorf School. She was just 4 miles from the finish line. But riders must stop for the night at 7 p.m. Haug stopped 10 minutes late, which meant another 20-minute penalty when she took off for the finish line the next morning. What weighed heavily on her mind that night was not the triumph of finishing the race, but her desperate desire to change her shirt...

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    Second place and Best Condition: Jazz’s first 50 (Road to Tevis 78) - Jessica Black

    JessicaEBlack.org - Full Story

    by Jessica Black
    November 16, 2022

    As my brother pointed out, being too busy to ride worked out great. Jazz was second place and best condition at his first 50 this weekend. Unlike his first LD, 30 miles at the Bill Thornburgh ride two weeks prior (read about it here: Jazz’s first LD), this ride tired him out. Hopefully he will now have a more realistic understanding of his job!

    Friday’s pre-ride(s)

    The horses….

    As I had at the Bill Thornburgh ride, I took both Fantazia and Jazz. This is a mixed bag for Jazz. On the one hand, he is no doubt happier at the trailer with company, and it’s nice to pony him for a bit. On the other, he hates being separated, and makes a fuss during vetting and while we ride alone. For Fantazia, it’s torture. She hates being left at the trailer. She expects to do endurance, so she’s anxious, and then she doesn’t. Of course, she would also be unhappy at home without Jazz. And she’d drive my mother crazy whinneying.

    I take both in part because I don’t want my parents to stress. But I also do it because I want to be able to ride both of them as soon as Fantazia is fit enough. I want her to learn that going to a ride doesn’t mean competing. I want them both to learn to wait patiently at the trailer. Also, this lets me condition Fantazia away from home...

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    Bringing Through Endurance's Next Stars

    FEI.org - Full Story

    16 November 2022
    Words by Stacey Stearns
    Photos courtesy of André Vidiz

    We speak to athlete André Vidiz...

    A 160km Endurance track stretches through picturesque countryside. Teams of horses and riders steadily progress through the course, stopping every 20 or 30km for a mandatory veterinary inspection and rest period.

    The Endurance competition is the culmination of years of effort though. It’s also about love – for the horse, the partnership the rider forms with the horse, and the sport. André Vidiz is a second-generation Endurance competitor from a family steeped in the traditions of the sport and the thrill of adventure. He’s established his own name in international Endurance competitions though, representing Brazil in numerous events over the years and consistently appearing in the World rankings...

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    Horse Group Says Wild Horses Aren’t The Problem, It’s Cattle That’s Destroying The Land

    Cowboystatedaily.com - Full Article

    November 15, 2022

    By Mark Heinz, Outdoors Reporter

    Wild horse management in Wyoming will remain business as usual for now, with mustang roundups being the primary means of controlling the horses’ numbers on rangelands and Native American reservations, say Wyoming lawmakers.

    However, it is cattle, not mustangs, that are causing most of the damage to the land and conflicts with wildlife, maintains a spokeswoman for a wild horse advocacy group.

    Meanwhile, both sides agree that shooting mustang mares with birth control darts could be the best solution to Wyoming’s wild horse quandary.

    Combat veterans armed with dart rifles could dispense the birth control among mustang herds, said Chairman Sen. Brian Boner, R-Douglas, during a Tuesday meeting of the Legislature’s Agriculture State and Public Lands and Water Resources Joint Committee...

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    The Love of her Lifetime

    ThePlaidHorse.com - Full Article

    Amateur Felisa Read finds her perfect match with an unlikely partner

    November 14, 2022
    By Christina Keim

    In the dark, damp, early morning hours of June 11, 2022, 34 endurance competitors were busily making final preparations for the American Endurance Ride Conference 100 Mile National Championship at Old Dominion in Virginia. A cold rain had started the night before, and continued now, just before dawn, where it soaked through gloves, ran into boots, and saturated the rocky trails that competitors were slated to tackle beginning at 5:30 AM. Perhaps most of the assembled riders did not consider these to be the ideal conditions for this long, grueling ride, respectfully nicknamed “the beast of the east” by those who have attempted it. But at least one rider smiled as raindrops fell from her hood.

    “Lenny loves the rain,” says his owner/rider Felisa Read with a laugh. “That’s his Morgan half. It was really cool and wet, so for us it was a good advantage. I was happy—I think I said before the ride I’ll be happy if it rains all day.”

    17 hours, 8 minutes, 35 seconds, and 100 sodden, slippery miles later, Read and her 22-year-old Morab partner would cross the finish line, pulse down and jog for the vets one last time before officially earning their new title of “Decade Team” from the AERC. This coveted award is presented to horse and rider teams that have completed at least one 50-mile endurance ride in each of ten years; a true testament not just to perseverance but to outstanding horsemanship...

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    Patagonia: The Gaucho Derby Academy Wants You!

    Equestrianists.com - More

    The Gaucho Derby Academy is a multi-day immersive and educational experience which trains equestrians to be able to tackle our 500km Gaucho Derby. Across the six day experience, riders will learn about the culture and lifestyle of the gauchos of Patagonia. They will put their horsemanship skills to the test while tackling some of the toughest terrain on the planet and clearing the vet checks along the way.

    Then you’ll spend some time working with the gauchos as they round up the local wild horses.

    Our team of international event managers, local gauchos, equine experts, medics and veterinarians will lead the courses on navigation, riding the gnarly terrain, wilderness survival and managing horse health throughout this adventure. Once you’ve graduated you’ll be confident in your skillset to tackle the beast that is The Gaucho Derby. The following is the itinerary for this truly unique Academy brought to you by the team at The Equestrianists.

    Find out more here:

    2022 Owl Hoot Spook photos by John Nowell

    2022 Owl Hoot Spook Endurance ride photos in Oklahoma by John Nowell:

    FEI moves Endurance World Championship to UAE on eve of General Assembly

    Insidethegames.biz - Full Article

    By Ali Iveson
    Thursday, 10 November 2022

    The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) has appointed Boudheib International Endurance Village (BIEV) in the United Arab Emirates to host its next Endurance World Championship.

    The event is due to take place between February 20 and 26 in 2023 but will still be known as the 2022 World Championship.

    Verona was scheduled to host the Endurance World Championship from October 19 to 23 but the FEI cancelled that arrangement in September, citing concerns over track readiness.

    The FEI Board ratified the decision to take the event to the UAE at a meeting in Cape Town today, which precedes the South African city hosting a hybrid General Assembly.

    "We are very pleased with the decision to award the FEI Endurance World Championship 2022 to Boudheib," FEI President Ingmar De Vos said...

    Read more here:

    Boudheib (UAE) named host of FEI Endurance World Championship 2022


    10 November 2022
    Author: FEI

    The world renowned Boudheib International Endurance Village (BIEV) is set to host the FEI Endurance World Championship 2022, following a decision made by the FEI Board during its meeting in Cape Town (RSA) today.

    The BIEV venue, which was strongly recommended by the FEI Endurance Committee, is situated approximately one hour from Abu Dhabi’s city centre will be the venue for the rescheduled World Championship. In September 2022, the FEI terminated the Host Agreement with Isola della Scala in Verona (ITA) that was originally scheduled to host the biennial event from 19 to 23 October 2022. This decision also included the provision to reopen the bid process in order to find a new host for the Championship.

    With October to March being the winter season in Abu Dhabi and the period for outdoor and equestrian events, the World Championship will now take place from 20 to 26 February 2023, with the ride itself scheduled for Saturday, 25 February.

    “We are very pleased with the decision to award the FEI Endurance World Championship 2022 to Boudheib,” FEI President Ingmar De Vos said.

    “The FEI Board was impressed with the world-class permanent infrastructure and facilities offered by the BIEV and the proven ability of the Organisers to guarantee all the logistical organisation for our human and equine athletes in a short period of time.

    “The safety and security of human and equine athletes is the FEI’s top priority, and the Organiser’s track record of commitment to horse welfare was a key factor in the decision to award this Championship to Boudheib.

    “We are confident that the Organisers will give our athletes a Championship to remember and that the venue will deliver on all its promises.”

    Since 2004, around 147 FEI and 153 National Endurance events have been held at the BIEV which will host the FEI Endurance World Championship for the first time ever.

    The venue has earned global recognition for its modern and well-equipped clinic that has digital x-ray, ultrasonography and other diagnostic services, highly qualified veterinary staff and laboratory technicians. Located close to the Central Vet Gates and the Holding Area, the clinic includes examination areas, stables for in-patient treatment as well as observation and administrative areas.

    The track, which passes through a forestry reserve, is designed to naturally regulate pace and to challenge the skill of the riders. The BIEV is known for producing technical rides that prioritise horse welfare.

    Under the guidance and support of the late former deputy UAE Prime Minister H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Boudheib Protocol Initiative was implemented in BIEV and other venues around the world to ensure that the welfare of the horses and horsemanship prevail. Another initiative guided by the vision of Sheikh Sultan is the Boudheib Academy, which trains young Endurance athletes by teaching proper riding techniques and the basics of horsemanship.

    For the FEI Endurance World Championship 2022, the BIEV will offer prize money to all finishers including a prize category for Best Condition. The total prize money for teams, individuals, horses in best condition and all finishers is AED 2,000,000 (approximately USD 545,000).

    Also agreed at the FEI Board meeting today was the allocation of the Mexican qualifier of the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ 2022 to a new venue, San Miguel De Allende from 26 to 30 April 2023.

    One Heck of a Halloween Hillbillie

    TheEquestrianVagabond.com - Full Story

    November 8 2022

    I lean forward, as still as possible in the saddle, talking to my horse as he flies along, telling him what a Good Boy he is, how strong and powerful and phenomenal he is, how lucky I am to have him, how lucky I am that he willingly and happily carries me so swiftly over these trails. One of his ears flicks back to listen to me, then flicks back forward as he rockets forward, devouring the trail, focused on his mission of flying through the desert.

    A preface to this story: Hillbillie Willie looooooooooooves DWA Barack, his pasture mate. Barack likes Willie - maybe a little love returned, but Willie loooooooves Barack. They can easily go to rides without each other, but when they go to rides together, things can get complicated if/when they don’t ride together.

    I wasn’t sure what Hillbillie Willie and I were going to do at the 3-day Owyhee Halloween ride, the last one of the season. A 50 and some LDs (25 milers)? All LDs? At this ride last year, after Willie finished his 50, he gas colicked and was on IVs till midnight. It scared the bejeezus out of me and I have been forever since paranoid. Over his 5-year endurance career, he’s completed 26 50-mile rides for 1065 miles and never had a metabolic problem until last Halloween, but now I always ride him with a heart monitor and watch him like a hawk from the start to the end of the rides. And always worry...

    Read more here:

    2022 November's Horses in the Morning Podcast

    Horsesinthemorning.com - Listen

    Endurance: Completing Your First 50, Decade Teams, Horse Trailer Winterization for Nov 8, 2022

    Guests Joni Burden and Samantha Shoemaker join Karen Chaton for a fun filled chat about the perseverance required to ride endurance; whether finishing your first 50 or racking up the miles with three Decade Team horses. Plus, part two of our discussion on winterizing your horse trailer.


    Selecting a Horse Trailer to Fit Your Needs

    HorseIllustrated.com - Full Article

    If your horse needs a new ride, walk through this decision process so you end up with the perfect horse trailer.

    By Stacey McKenna
    May 14 2022

    Many of us depend on trainers or friends to haul our horses to competitions, trailheads, or emergency veterinary appointments. That’s a sufficient strategy for some, but there’s a particular sort of freedom that comes from taking the leap and selecting a horse trailer of your own, especially if an emergency arises and a friend’s horse trailer is not available.

    With an overwhelming array of options on the market, you won’t be starved for choice. Most trailer owners are glad to share their preferences, but it’s essential to choose the rig that’s right for you and your horse. Download our trailer-buying guide to help you navigate the market as you begin selecting a horse trailer...

    Read more here: