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RE: [RC] Ride and Gun - Eric Drew


my kind demented pastime

Howard how the hell do you keep coming up with these gems?

--- Eric Drew 
--- eidrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

[Original Message]
From: Ridecamp Guest <guest-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 12/2/05 2:06:10 PM
Subject: [RC]   Ride and Gun

Please Reply to: Howard Bramhall howard9732@xxxxxxx or

Dear Rob:

Loved your idea of the Ride and Fish.  I have another.  Ride, Golf and
Gun.  RG&G, as the local Hillbillies call it, kinda goes like this.  The
game takes two humans, one horse, one shot gun, double aught buck shot,
lotsa golf balls (I'll explain why you need a lot of them as I go along
here), and, of course a driver.  Also, T's for the balls are recommended.  

Player one is the golfer.  He T's up the ball.  Player number two is on
horseback, with a shotgun fully loaded.  Only one shot per stroke, please. 
Player number one T's off; as soon as the ball is in the air, Player number
two charges towards the airborne golf ball on his trusty steed and fires
his shot gun while his horse is in a full gallop.  A full gallop must be
achieved for the shot to count.  Player number two can fire at the golf
ball anytime before the ball strikes the ground.

If Player number two hits the golf ball with the buck shot (bird shot may
also be used but it doesn't go as far) then Player number two gets one
point.  If, he misses, then, the ball's position is marked and the players
reverse roles.  If player number two, now the golfer, has the same success
as player number one did (meaning the other guy didn't hit the golf ball
with the buck shot), then the player whose ball went the furthest gets a

This game can go on and on for as long as the shine holds out.  There are
many benefits to this type of sport.  For one, it can be gambled upon
safely.  This is a good thing cause, unlike cock fighting, RG&G doesn't get
any "save the Fowl" do gooder a reason to call the law.  Number two, it is
a really great way to despook any horse.  Number three reason is nobody but
me and Hunter Thompson ever thought of such a unique way of having fun and
since Hunter is recently deceased (suicide) I now get all the credit for it.

NOw, please, only do this when driving.  We tried it once with putting
and one of the players got seriously injured. This poor fella can still T
it off really well with only one arm but I don't think his heart is in the
game as much as it once was.  I will admit he looks quite a bit like John
Wayne in "True Grit" when he fires at the golf ball with his one arm
holding the shot gun and the reins in his teeth.  He'll only play you if
you give him a two stroke advantage, since the accident.

Take it from hours and hours of my personal experience with RG&G, just
driving, shooting, and riding is the safest way to play this sport. Leave
the putting to the limited distance riders and lowly putt-putt golfers.
And, also, don't forget to wear your riding helmet.

Howard (golfing can be as cool as fishin if you know how to shoot)

I've read about the (Ride and Tie). It sounds hard. Does anyone put on,
or plan
to put on a (Ride and Fish). 1/2 endurance and 1/2 bass fishing. One team
rides 12.5 miles around the lake while the others team member goes
fishing. They
trade of every 12.5 miles. The winner is decided by ride time minutes
total inches of bass caught. If someone puts one on, I'll give it a try.



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