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Re: [RC] deadly bicyclist/ - Sky Ranch

I've got nothing against trail bikers, just keep 'em off foot trails. >
And keep hikers and equestrians off of speed trails.  Simple
enough.  Yeah, double the number of trails, but is a horse's (or
human's) life worth it? >

I understand your point, and I certainly am horrified that a horse lost his
life on a trail due to an unexpected encounter.  However, this kind of
thinking is not conducive to keeping trails open to horses.  In sheer
numbers, there are far more hikers and bicyclists, and even ATV and
motorbike users, than horseback riders in most areas.

I agree with Jonni - be VERY careful what you wish for, or ask for.  If we
were to insist that we have trails for "horses only," I believe we would
have FAR fewer trails open to horses at all.  We'd be shut out, not the
bicycles and hikers.

The only way is to share the trails, and to continue to educate.

Smile and be friendly -- most people LOVE to see a pretty, well-behaved
horse on the trail -- never mind the rider -- I won't say I'm either pretty
or well behaved!  :-p

Education is the answer - as someone posted earlier.  There will always be
the oddball jerk - as someone posted earlier.  I agree, I worry about
bicycles coming around blind corners at speed -- which is one reason I like
to ride with my dogs.  My dogs (Siberian Huskies) are friendly, and are in
front of me on the trail -- but they look intimidating when they're running
at you at full speed!  A bicyclist is going to either slow down or stop when
he sees them (usually to pet them, by the way).

Posting signs of 'right of way' on multi-use trails is very important.
Around here, the BLM and USFS do this on heavily used trails.  Most people
really want to do the right thing.  If they're aware there might be horses
on the trail, they'll do their best, I believe.  In our little corner of the
world, the encounters I've had have been very positive, and fun.  Keep
smiling, keep talking to anyone you meet on the trail... keep people wanting
to see horses on the trail!

Carla Richardson


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