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[RC] the good, the bad, and the ugly...@Carolina (long) - Mary Campbell-Crowder

Hello all! I just had an extremely interesting and tiring weekend...I thought endurance rides were supposed to be fun!!!???!!!
ok, here's Thursday...finishing up all the packing with my hubby cooking turkey...
Not too bad, but the RV won't start and it's at my in-laws with half of our camping stuff, so I drive an hour to get there, try to start it again. EERRR, no luck >:(
now keep in mind I went there SPECIFICALLY for the dog's harness, our space heater and various other items. I got all the way back home and realized that I didn't have the dog's harness or the space heater AARRGGGGHHHH!!!
So I finish packing the trailer and decide we can stop by the RV on our way down the mountain in the morning...
So Friday at 4:00am...I get up take a shower, grab a few last minute items, wake my hubby, and wait for Sam (one of my girlfriends who is driving our trailer with her truck, even longer story...) at 4:45 she's still not here, so I call and WAKE HER UP!!! She set her alarm but didn't turn it on, heeheehee.
The rest of Friday goes great! Nice drive down to JD's get a great parking spot, set up camp...flying along and feeling great!
Saturday 6:00am get up, feed the girls, my hubby tries to blow himself up!!! I had already started our propane camp stove for coffee and hot chocolate, and he was preparing to make bacon and grilled cheese sammies. WEEELLLLL, he was putting a new propane canister on his little grill and it didn't want to screw on all the way. Just as he realized his hand was getting cold from the propane he also realized he was next to an open flame!! POOF there goes all the hair on his hand, part of his eyebrow, and most of his eyelashes on the left side!! Not to mention now there's a fire under the trailer! One of our fellow campers dives under the trailer to pat out the fire with his hands (DUH) and somebody comes running up with a water bucket but the fire is out.
PHEW!! didn't need that hospital bill!!! No worries, hubby is fine!!!
So 8:00 rolls around (i'm doing LD) I head to the start line, and everyone is gone, Just what I wanted! Head out at a nice trot and Carmin sees her first "competitor" and we're into the conversation of "Come on Mom, we can pass 'em" and of course my reply "not if I fall off of you first"!! Next thing I know we're going just fine and here comes another of my girlfriends from behind. Carmin knows her and decides that we can stay right behind her as long as we keep up this crazy break-neck speed that might possibly kill me....(note to self here, stay far away from this horse at next ride)
NOW this is the oh so fun part. For anyone who was there, you'll know where I 'm talking about. About half way thru the first loop there was an unexpected mud bog that disguised itself as a mud puddle. My break-neck, selective hearing, totally ignoring her mother, horse had just barely slowed to a canter when we dive into it up to our chest!! I saw my life flash before my eyes! We came back out of it and kept going

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