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[RC] LD BC - Compromise?? - KimFue

In following this thread I would like to understand why a compromise could not be made regarding the LD BC.  No one has answered my question on why the LD BC must be identical to the endurance BC.  Why must speed or time be a consideration if we want to standardize the LD BC form?  Wouldn't a compromise in eliminating the time/speed element satisfy both those ride managers/vets that have concerns about racing AND satisfy LD riders that a standardized BC form would be available so ALL REGIONS will have a fair shot at awards and would probably be used by 99% of LD rides regardless of the region?  Wouldn't eliminating the speed element in judging BC fulfill an obligation of promoting horse safety to the novice riders in LDs yet satisfy those with more experience that would choose to strive for regional and national awards and recognition.  Those that are prepared to ride fast or want to race a LD would not be eliminated from awards or from BC judging.  Individuals would still be able to choose how they ride but the organization, AERC, is promoting safety and responsibility in the division in which probably 90% of novice riders are introduced to distance riding.  If there could be a compromise in standardizing a LD BC, the organization would be showing respect to a very large number of it's members,  several ride managers and vets that feel that the official AERC LD BC is not in the best interest of the horses.  Some of the divisive words used today like "wake up and smell the coffee" does not do anything but magnify the regional differences in our organization and cause divisiveness.
If a standardized AERC LD BC that will be used by 99% of ride managers regardless of the region is the goal, we need to find common ground and work up from there.  It seems that the time/speed factor seems to be the main objection to the current AERC LD BC.  There are legitimate concerns from both sides.  Bruce has been both genuine and eloquent in his posts on this subject as have several others.  I have also heard very valid concerns from Jean and others that they are losing opportunities to earn awards and recognition.  I don't think it is right or productive to force a significant number of well respected ride managers and ride vets to go against what they feel is in the best interest of the sport. 
I have not heard a valid reason why the time/speed factor must remain as part of the official AERC LD BC form.