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Re: [RC] Ed, Re; Zoological Correlation between Pigs and Horses - Tom Sites

Pigs also don't bite, kick or buck and if you fall off it ain't far to fall.  Piggy has quickly learned cues in leading or more like pushing in a direction like sheep.  I found out why the staff has a hook, so that you can grab them by the neck.  Pigs are also treacherous to their own kind while i doubt a horse would eat its dead brothers blood that fell to the ground or human urine.When i saw that, i put a salt block in thinking they were in need of salt and it was not touched.
The question i have is, have they ever been a beast of burden in History?  or else just an animal grown to eat or despise, which explains why they destroy everything in their space. 
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Subject: RE: [RC] Ed, Re; Zoological Correlation between Pigs and Horses

Pigs and horses have different dentition, skeletal features, reproductive and digestive tracts.  Not much correlation there.  The rumor of a close biologic relationship got started based on the behavior of a few equine individuals at the start of endurance rides when asked to leave their buddies.


Susan Garlinghouse, DVM, MS


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Subject: [RC] Ed, Re; Zoological Correlation between Pigs and Horses


Ed, i punched that in, and all i got was elephants and stuff i don't know.  The pig has a cloven hoof and are segmented into that category and i would never pretend to say something i know nothing about, but if there is something there, it would suprise me not. ts