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[RC] 25/30 BC - KYielding

Jonni said, in part: "So tell me Kathleen, since I obviously am missing something here. What do you feel a rider needs to learn about showing for BC, that differs from regular thorough vet checks at a ride. I am truly interested."
Well, let's see now.  How about walking their horses around from time to time to make sure they don't stiffen up.  That is something we generally don't worry about before the ride starts.  Cooling off slowly during the hour hold - again so they don't stiffen up.  Don't have to worry about that before a ride.  Make sure they are eating and drinking well.  Putting a little more attention to that detail after the ride than before is usually the norm.  Icing the legs is another one I see regularly.  Sure don't do that before the vet check before the ride.  I'm sure their are more.  Anymore smarta$$ questions?
A horse have vet in fine immediately after the ride but if taken back to the trailer and tied there just might stiffen up before the BC vet hour check.  We learn by doing.  If novices start off with 25/30s and come in top ten they have a chance to learn by doing.  The more you do the more you know.  I think.  Lots of butterflies in tummies during the first BC showing at our trailer.  The more opportunity we have to learn to do better for our horse, the better we all feel.