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RE: [RC] How much fussing with blankets and shelters is too much? - Rae Callaway

I live in a place where cold isn’t the norm in the winter.  We will be at 80/60 and then drop down to 50/30 for a couple of days, then be back up to 80/60 and this pattern will repeat all winter.  I have two horses that get blankets as a matter of course.  They have proven to me that they will not grow extra hair and I’ve seen them shivering so bad their back legs come off the ground.  The rest of the herd will fuzz up pretty quickly after the first cold front and I’ll only blanket those when it’s below 40 and raining at the same time.  My bunch only comes into the barn to eat, also, so they’re all weather horses.  It is true, that once you start blanketing a horse in the winter, you’re going to have to keep blanketing him because they won’t fuzz up enough to stay warm on their own.  I’d keep a close eye on your horses – do they act uncomfortable when it gets below 40? 



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Hi there,

I live in Sonoma County in California and I am wondering where to draw the line when it comes to fussing with blankets and shelters. Our horses are out during the day and brought in to the barn at night or if its very wet and windy during the day. We have mostly Arabians, one mare is 23 and pregnant, and we have one Paint and one Appy. I have rarely felt the need to blanket the Arabians but I am now told that I should blanket if the temp drops below 40 degrees. If this right? Or maybe this is right for the Paint and the Appy and the pregnant mare and not the others, what do you think? Am I right in thinking that blanketing too soon can stop them building up a healthy resistance?

The other question is, do I need to built shelters for them all from the sun or just for the Paint and the Appy who have pink skin? Again the Arabians have never had shelters before and seemed to manage just fine. I would really appreciate advice.

Thanks, Linda

[RC] How much fussing with blankets and shelters is too much?, Marmite1191