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[RC] sharing trails/deadly cyclist - Mel Cochran

I think that this story is terrible. It is such a shame because no one is really at fault. I agree with others on here that we should not allow this to fracture our relationship with cyclists. We must work together and single use trails are not an option. There is such a tremendous pressure from recreationists to enjoy our trails on public lands.

I think that this story is a good example of how poor trail design is a major safety hazard and needs to be addressed by our land management agencies. I know in my area, many of the horse and bike trails are simply user created trails or old road beds that were put onto the official trail system. These "trails" were not well thought out or planned for their intended use. A good multi use trail should not have steep inclines or blind corners. I think that these poor quality trails are also what have been giving non pedestrian users a bad name. Of course a trail with a running slope in excess of 16% is going to have erosion issues.

It would be wonderful if we could partner with public land management agencies and assist them in evaluating their trail system and work on new layouts for dangerous portions, or creation of completly new trails in better locations.

*just my opion as a public lands insider*

I'll jump off my soapbox now!



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[RC] deadly bicyclist/, Ridecamp Guest