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[RC] LD BC - Kathy Mayeda

I haven’t posted in ages to Ridecamp, but I had to check out this whole LD thing.  I’m opposed to a mandatory LD BC, not because I think it encourages racing, but I think it encourages people to wallow around in the LD realms because they think it’s an easier pick to get awards. 


If their horse is that fit that BC is easy for them, which probably it would be after awhile, they should move up to 50s. If the rider doesn’t want to move up to the 50’s that is their choice and should just enjoy themselves on their ride and not worry about getting BC awards like Team Slow Poke!  They are my heroes of the LD realm.


I don’t think that there is any glory at all getting a BC in LD.   I don’t think AERC should glorify an LD BC.  However, I not opposed to a ride manager offering an LD BC in any form.  I just hate to see LD “legitimized” as a true endurance ride.  I kinda wanna puke when LD riders gloat that they won the race, and I’ll probably want to puke if they start bragging about an LD BC.  Maybe I’ll just have to become bulimic – hey – I’ll lose some weight!


Sorry, Peggy, my friend, I admire your goal for LD mileage championship this year – I know it takes a lot of work and resources to achieve this.  But I keep on thinking that it must be a temporary thing and that you will move up to riding 50’s next year!  I think that if you apply your goals to getting BCs in 50’s instead you would feel so much prouder of yourself!  You can do it!