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[RC] bells-what better time of year to use them! - Kathie Ford

Bells on horses and or bikes, not a bad idea.  And!  What a nice time of year to try them out!
Hey, I've got a funny story about bells first time I used them!  Actually, I felt bad as I was a green rider and didn't think of the other riders/horses response.  Which I should have. 
Anyway, I entered my TB/cross mare whom I'd only had for about 2 years in a local horse trials in October.  Because it was October, they had mentioned they'd have a fun award for a horse/rider costume!  So, my highstrung mare was actually pretty good with noises, so I chose to be a Jester!!  I dressed us both up as one, complete with jester hat with bells!
I even put bells on her purple breast collar!  We were not only "jingling" but we were also very colorful too!  Purple, red, yellow, blue, green!  We were the rainbow! lol
What I didn?t think about was the other horses reaction to us!  Not until warming up for the cross country portion of the horse trial.  This was my first event ever and I really didn't know any better at the time. Anyway I was trying to warm up AND settle my mare, as this was a first for her as well  when I noticed that some horses were jumping around all over the place! Then, a rider came up to me and asked if she could ride her horse next to mine to get him/her used to "The Bells!"..It was then I thought "Opps.."
I apologized to other riders once I knew we were quite the spectacle, but most thank goodness chose to ride with us to help them get used to us.
At one point, here I am, dressed in this outlandish outfit, my horse as well (actually she looked pretty cool), and we had a large string of riders behind us all in a line wherever we went!  hehehe...Many of us in costume as well.  Looked like a parade! I couldn't help chuckling as my horses Jester hat (yes, I put one on her two) was flopping around along with her ears.  She was such a good sport about it thank goodness. 
Well, the day ended up okay.  I messed up on the cross country course by jumping two novice jumps by accident instead of the elementary ones I was signed up for, but I WON the costume contest!!!!!! lol
To my surprise we also got 4th in our dressage test too.  But I bet nobody ever saw dressage ridden by a colorful jester before!  I did catch the judges smiling a bit as Spirit would really jingle as she went into a nice working trot! 
It turned out okay and all the horses got used to the bells!