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RE: [RC] LD BC - Compromise?? - heidi

Truman, you have brought up some very valid points on the allocation of vet 
at a ride.  One of the reasons I, for one, haven't given that issue much 
thought is 
that the number of LD participants is dramatically lower out here than in 
region.  When you speak of a ride with 60 LD riders... heck, in years past, a 
turnout was 60 riders altogether!  Take the Run for the Gold here in Mariposa 
year.  We had 105 starters, the very highest ever, but only 26 LD starters. 
In 2004 
we had 60 total starters and in 2003, only 46 with 16 LD's.  

I find this interesting, in view of the fact that West region has the
highest membership by a long ways, and also has all sorts of horse
people who could easily be "new blood" into the sport.  So I looked at
some more numbers.  Indeed, the NW with a much smaller membership
averaged 32.1 LD entries per ride, whereas the W region only averaged

Additionally, the NW region had the following entry breakdown:  71-80
entries: 1 ride.  61-70 entries: 3 rides.  51-60 entries: 2 rides. 
41-50 entries: 2 rides.  31-40 entries: 7 rides.  21-30 entries: 16
rides.  11-20 entries: 7 rides.

The W region, on the other hand, had the following breakdown:  61-70
entries: 1 ride.  51-60 entries: 1 ride.  41-50 entries: 0 rides. 
31-40 entries: 7 rides.  21-30 entries: 13 rides.  11-20 entries: 13

One could well ponder the idea that perhaps more people are more willing
to ride LD rides (be they beginners, oldsters, or whoever) in regions
that are more LD-friendly...   



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