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[RC] Fw: Fw: LD regional BC - Renie M burnett

After retiring my endurance horse over 10 yrs. ago, I quit doing endurance.  However, persistent friends persuaded me to "get out there" again.  I found LD's tremendous fun.  Most of us, in North California, west region, are middle aged gals riding for the pure pleasure of seeing new trails, making new friends, and catching up with old ones.  We are experienced riders, not "newbees", and most have done 50's at one time or another.  We do LD's because some of these older bodies ain't as tough as they used to be, or because we're starting a new horse, or because our "main" horse is laid up and we're riding our "old" one....My point, LD is fine the way it is.  EXCEPT For The FOLLOWING:
I did, in the past couple of months, three LD rides.  At ///////ride, under terrific vet /////////, I was awarded "Horse of Excellence" and have a lovely blue blanket that says so!  At the L.O.V.E. ride, I was awarded BC for the LD.  Different head vet.  I just recently realized that there is such a thing as Regional LD BC.!!      However, Dr. ///// and Dr. ///////, west region, don't believe in BC for LD.  I have no problem with that IF there was NO AERC AWARD for reg.BC.  But, there is such an award.  So, my "horse of excellence", aka BC, is NOT recognized as a "real" BC.  Because there IS an award for reg. BC LD, I am not adverse to getting an award.  Heck, I like presents, too. But, if I was a real competitive person, and actively trying to get reg. BC,LD,  I would have to stay away from rides that Dr.s ///// and ////// are head vets. These are rides that I really enjoy doing.    I am thinking some sort of standardization needs to be implemented, or is this an award that should be eliminated?   renie 1673