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Re: [AERC-Members] [RC] LD response [RC] [RC] Mars [RC] XP 04/horses shod? [RC] "I can't get the snakes out of my pasture." [RC] "Seabiscuit and Lance Armstrong: Schmaltz, cornpone ... and true" [RC] ? LD rides (shoeing) Re: [RC] [AERC-Members] LD Poll Re: [RC] [AERC-Members] Polls and Cookies [RC] [Guest] Endurance Saddle by Trumbull Mountain [RC] [Guest] pads [RC] [Guest] re: in need of a horse [RC] [Guest] TEVIS DEATHS [RC] [Guest] trucks [RC] [Guest] XP 2001/2004 LONG [RC] [Guest] 1st 50 [RC] [Guest] affecting horses [RC] [Guest] Annie George [RC] [Guest] Aussie Saddles [RC] [Guest] Aussie saddles [RC] [Guest] Aussie Saddles (long) [RC] [Guest] e: gaited horses [RC] [Guest] East Bay 50 is not on this year [RC] [Guest] Equinox Endurance Saddle by Trumbull Mountain [RC] [Guest] Fort Armstrong [RC] [Guest] Hores for BSF [RC] [Guest] how to begin (in the northeast) [RC] [Guest] How well saddles hold up to 100s (an Ansur answer) [RC] [Guest] HRM problems [RC] [Guest] In need of a horse [RC] [Guest] intec endurance saddle [RC] [Guest] Krueger Saddles [RC] [Guest] Laser Saddles [RC] [Guest] Maine is Awesome [RC] [Guest] making horses braver [RC] [Guest] Mid-Ohio Valley Riders [RC] [Guest] Mountain Zone Pan Am Raffle Winners [RC] [Guest] need horse for BSF [RC] [Guest] PLEASE Help with Mosquitos [RC] [Guest] Posting a message [RC] [Guest] Racetrack trainer CA [RC] [Guest] re: teaching horses to be brave [RC] [Guest] Riding for people under 18 [RC] [Guest] Schmitt Phantom Ride in SE Re: [RC] [Guest] stirrup - shock absorber (anti stirrup bouncer) bouncer Re: [RC] [Guest] stirrup - shock absorber (anti stirrup bouncer)bouncer [RC] [Guest] teaching horse to be braver [RC] [Guest] Tevis Completions [RC] [Guest] Time and affecting the horse [RC] [Guest] time/affecting the horse Re: [RC] [Guest] Why do you ride a horse? [RC] [Guest] XP 04/horses shod? Re: [RC] [RC] [Guest] Hores for BSF Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] How do I train my horse to be braver? (LONG) Re: [RC] [RC] ? LD rides Re: [RC] [RC] affecting the horse Re: [RC] [RC] Aussie saddle Re: [RC] [RC] buddy problem(long) Re: [RC] [RC] How do I train my horse to be braver? Re: [RC] [RC] How do I train my horse to be braver?2 [RC] [RC] re: teaching horse to be braver Re: [RC] [RC] SMELLapthic/Telepathic Horses Re: [RC] [RC] snakes on trail vs turkeys Re: [RC] [RC] Sorin's Scialolith Saga Continued Re: [RC] [RC] spooky horses Re: [RC] [RC] titanium shoes Re: [RC] [RC] Trailers Re: [RC] [RC] ultra stirrup (trail tech/easy ride) RE: [RC] [RC] ultra stirrup (trail tech/easy rider) Re: [RC] [RC] Where oh where????????????? Re: [RC] [RC] Which girth for Aussie saddle? Re: [RC] [RC] Wintec Endurance Saddle RE: [RC] [RC] Wintec endurance saddle RE: [RC] [RC] Wintec Endurance Saddle - Karen Obenshain [RC] [RC] XP 04 - crews Re: [RC] [RC] XP 04 - Jonni Jewell [RC] [RC] XP2004 - Jonni Jewell Re: [RC] [RC]brenderup/va riding [RC] AERC horse registry [RC] affecting the horse [RC] Antelope Press - Horse Shoeing Record Book [RC] Aussie saddle [RC] Aussie saddle update [RC] Aussie Saddles [RC] behavior and personalities. [RC] Bitless Bridles at Fort Armstrong [RC] buddy problem [RC] buddy problem (long) [RC] buddy problem .....oooopps Re: [RC] buddy problem(long) [RC] buddy trouble [RC] bummed [RC] Cave Run NATRC DNF Re: [RC] changing membership - shifting attitudes? [RC] circle y endurance saddle [RC] Coming to California [RC] East Bay Ride? [RC] Endurance Saddles Re: [RC] Endurance Saddles - What about Reactor Panel? [RC] Endurance World : delivery of the magazine [RC] Feed an Animal in Need For Free [RC] Feeding Beet Pulp to Weanlings [RC] First LD [RC] Flying J's [RC] for those of you in FL... [RC] Fw: lots of horses [RC] FW: Press News: F.E.I. Emirates Airline Open European Endurance Championships change od date [RC] Fwd: Transportation Enhancements update [RC] Gunn saddle pads [RC] horse behavior/lisa salas [RC] Horse Deaths after Tevis Rumor [RC] horse trailer air cond. Re: [RC] How do I train my horse to be braver? [RC] How do I train my horse to be braver? (long) [RC] I'd prefer Rattlesnakes......... [RC] IntNewsGroup: The World's Best Compete at Mt Adams [RC] Just testing. [RC] Last call 4 Ft. Armstrong [RC] LD Poll Results [RC] LD rides [RC] LD to receive same recognition? [RC] ld vs real endurance RE: [RC] LD vs. Real Endurance [RC] ld vs. real endurance [RC] Lyme Disease [RC] Lymes disease [RC] muck buckets and carts [RC] Need help with 4 yr old [RC] Need help with 4 yr old.... [RC] New SERA Poll Question [RC] New Trucks [RC] New trucks - Nina Re: [RC] Old Mac Horse Boots [RC] Old Macs [RC] oops Dates -Aug 16-17 for Long X [RC] OT Arab in Peacemakers? [RC] Pedigree Info Re: [RC] Pedigree info Diner Lin [RC] Pedigree info, anyone? [RC] Please Help With Mosquitoes [RC] Poll, Why Do I Ride [RC] Polls and Cookies [RC] problem with 4 yr old [RC] problem with 4year old [RC] Race Track Training - CA Re: [RC] racing too young [RC] racing too young/ was Racetrack trainer CA [RC] re: Affecting horse-Barbara's description [RC] re: teaching horse to be braver [RC] re: ultra stirrup (trail tech/easy rider) [RC] Re:racing [RC] Redwood Ride At Orick [RC] Redwood Ride in Orick [RC] Ride the Long X in ND Re: [RC] riding buddy problem: Rene [RC] Riding with the Big Boys, First 50, Final [RC] Riding with the Big Boys, First 50, Part 2 [RC] Riding with the Big Boys, First 50, Part 3 [RC] Riding with the Big Boys, First 50, Washoo July 26th [RC] Rose Conditioner [RC] RP at Swanton (W) [RC] Saddle Question [RC] Santiam Casscade Ride Re: [RC] Sera Polls [RC] shore 2 shore [RC] shore-to-shore - easyboot or shoe? [RC] snakes [RC] Sorin's Scialolith Saga Continued [RC] source for sun blocking shirts? [RC] speaking of riding buddies - Charles and anyone else in VA/MD/DC! [RC] Speaking of trucks..... [RC] Spooky horses [RC] spooky horses [RC] Summit area (Los Gatos, CA) - need help [RC] Swanton Pacific [RC] Tarsal question for vets [RC] teaching horses to be braver [RC] Teaching Horses to be Braver [RC] Telepathic Horses [RC] Time/Affecting the Horse Re: [RC] Titanium shoes Re: [RC] Trailers [RC] Trucks [RC] Tuend Treeless Saddles [RC] ultra stirrup (trail tech/easy rider) [RC] unsubscribe [RC] Unsubscribe me [RC] UNSUBSCRIBE ME TEMPORARILY Re: [RC] Where oh where????????????? [RC] Which girth for Aussie saddle? RE: [RC] Why do I ride... [RC] Why Do I Ride? [RC] Wintec Endurance Saddle [RC] Wintec endurance saddle [RC] Wintec stock saddle [RC] wintec stock saddle [RC] Work Gloves--Geier Gloves [RC] Would you goto Southern Missouri for an Endurance Vacation? [RC] XP 04 [RC] XP 04/horses shod? [RC] XP 2001/2004 LONG [RC] XP 2004 [RC] XP/ Long Riders [RC] XP2004

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