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Re: [RC] [RC] How do I train my horse to be braver?2 - Deanna German

Amanda wrote:
"As far as 'Oh, and one of the best things an aspiring endurance
rider can do is GET THEE TO AN ENDURANCE RIDE.' goes - this
seems like a bit of a non-sequitor to me, unless you are
implying that only someone who has ridden in an AERC sanctioned
event can possibly know anything about horses behavior, horse
training or trail riding.  But surely you're not that sort of
'endurance snob' are you?"

Heh, heh, I poked the pig with this comment, didn't I? I just couldn't

What I should have done with my first post is say I wanted to hear from
experienced distance riders (not taking anything away from LD or CTR
riders). Didn't really wanna hear from no wannabes. (Poke, poke, poke...)

Good gracious, with one lonely 50 under my belt, I don't think I have any
grounds to be snobbish about endurance. Heck, I'm so non-snobbish, I don't
even know what "non-sequitor" means. (Isn't that the funny cartoon in the
Sunday paper?)

Amanda, for all I know you might know horse behavior, but you don't know
horse behavior at the speed and distances of an endurance ride. Why you
resist this notion, I have no idea. I uncover new horse and tack challenges
SURPRIZE!! every time I increase speed and distance. I think that's part of
the fun.

Amanda wrote:
"I'll happily expound on my equestrian credentials if you want me to, but I
doubt you do."

On that count you are mistaken. I'm not even sure I know what breed of
horses you ride, but I'm thinking they're TWH's? Nothing personal, but I
don't think a gaited horse person who is currently a pleasure rider can tell
me how to deal with a fit young Arab or Arab cross. I'll take the advice of
folks who have been where I am, thank you very much.

Amanda, I think until you understand the speed and distances involved that
it will be difficult for you to offer much advice of any use to me. I'd love
nothing more that for you to prove me wrong.

Amanda wrote:
"I'm planning on going to an LD ride as soon as I feel myself and my
horse are ready for one, AND as soon as there is one within a
reasonable drive."

Yes, we've been down this road. Note that I didn't say "get thee and thy
horse to an endurance ride." Go check one out by yourself. Make some friends
and someone might let you borrow their horse. Better yet, just help out!

I know plenty of people who say "if only" this or "if only" that. Well, it's
never perfect. You and your horse are probably ready, you just need to
commit to doing it. Don't tell me there aren't ECTRA rides near you. Those
likely have a lot of the same people as an endurance ride. Lots of
opportunity to learn.

Look, I was in the hem-hawwing stage a few years ago and then Angie kicked
me in the pants and told me to just do it. I was bumming trailer rides at
that point because I didn't have a truck and trailer. Angie was right. Me
and my horse were plenty ready. Geez, if had waited for a ride to be out my
back door, I'd have a pasture plump 7YO horse now and not near as many cool
friends. (I'd also have more money and time, but that's besides the point.
What fun would that be?)

Amanda wrote:
"I had planned to do Old Dominion but it got rained out.  Now I'm aiming for
Fort Valley.  Hope to see you there!"

Naw, I've got two rides planned before then and my trailering limit (so far)
is 8 hours since I'm hauling by myself. There's a little ride going on that
weekend called Spook Run in southern Indiana. I love those trails! Knock on
wood because anything could happen between now and then to change things,
but I'm planning on doing the 50. I'm a little skeered about it because it's
hilly, and I could find a million reasons not to do it, but I'm determined
to do it anyway!

C'mon, Amanda, how long have you been hangin' out at Ridecamp? Just do it!
Or do something like it (ECTRA). And then come back and tell us if your
perspective about what it takes to do a distance ride hasn't changed. Maybe
it will, maybe it won't, but you'll never know for sure until you take that

Deanna (Ohio)

(do it, do it, do it, do it...)



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