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RE: [RC] LD Poll Results - Teri Hunter

If Spirit is not ready for a 100, we do not want to jeopardize him.  Therefore I think we should let Howard continue on by himself.  Maybe we can put a bike at a vet check for him.  As long as Howard does 100 that would be fine with me....Damn I wish I liked beer, I would help crew for Howard.  On second thought I think I will sit in a lawn chair next to Erica (Howard wife) and laugh, I mean cheer him on.
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Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2003 2:47 PM
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Howard, it's not rumor - its a done deal. The beer is on its way. We will just have to make the vets and RM understand that this is a ride for honor - there will be no RO pulls. If the horse can go on, you can be tied to the saddle:-).  

We are looking for volunteers to crew for Howard. Rumor has it there will be some mighty good beer for the crew and if Howard finishes we might save him one or two.

As far as training the best thing you could do is to start running yourself so you will be in better shape and maybe drop a few pounds so you are a couple cases short of a HW. That way your horse won't have to carry as much and you can get off and run some with him. Maybe the first thing to do is go buy a walkman and get the "Theme From Rocky" and keep playing it over and over as you work out:-).  


Howard Bramhall wrote:
No, jk, I voted for me, the kid, and the wife.  And, yes, I did ask them which way they wanted to go on this issue.  I, for one, will shut up on equality for LDer's for awhile.  It seems I now have other things to worry about. According to Truman, and a few of his buddies (they used to be mine), my German beer is on it's way.  I'll believe it when I see it (and, drink it), but, I must admit I'm quite worried.  The rumor is someone from my old alma mater (US Air Force) is going to make this all happen.
I need to get out there and train, train, train, train.  The eternal 100 miler.  If I end up writing about attempting that distance it might be longer than "War and Peace."  With my luck (and this might not be a bad thing) I'll get pulled at the very first vet check.  If that happens, are my obligations met?  Details, details.
Howard (I gotta learn to keep my big mouth shut sometimes)

Re: [RC] LD Poll Results, Truman Prevatt