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[RC] Speaking of trucks..... - Ibiteraaarr

I've finally accepted (albeit with much frowning) that my sports coupe is not acceptable for pulling a horse trailer.  :(   We already have an old Ford F-100 that is only capable of towing the beasties around locally, but I'm debating what vehicle to go with for longer, better hauling. We've got our sights on a 3H slant load aluminum trailer, and while occasionally we may need it to haul all three of the horses (each weighing no more then 900 lbs a piece) to local trails, 99% of the time it will be used to cart my horse to various rides. Seeing as 2 of my 3 cars have been sports cars, I don't really know anything about towing capacity, torque or any of that other greasey goodness.  The current debate is whether to go for another truck, or an SUV (I hate the things, incidentally, but the power and enclosed space is pretty practical for what I need.) Any recommendations or suggestions on what is adequate/best for the type of work?

Liz (and the 3 Stooges)