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Re: [RC] [RC] SMELLapthic/Telepathic Horses - Laurie Durgin

I think they SMELL each other. My mare or colt whinneys when Rascal and I are coming in about 15 min. away and they can't see over the hill we are behind.That's probably why they have to smell each poop pile, then, ya know those Phernomes lift on the wind and it's just like they say ; bloodhounds sniff the particles in the air. . . I've watched Rascal on a loose rein smell a pop pile then leave his head down smell the ground I swear he is 'tracking". . . My friend said her mustang did the same thing. . . Maybe 'SMEllepathic horses?":} Laurie/Rascal(post epm, but managed to go lame in front after 2 short 20 min rides , probably pulled something in his shoulder in all the mud here. Another 3 weeks off, and will probably get another week cause his mom is paranoid now.)Honey the lawn ornament , will will get 2 rides in this week I hope.Scout , recovreing from rainrot finally/Champ the old gentlemen, who found some wire/string to get tangled in and took some skin off and is gimpy too.
But I did finally get to see SeaBiscut!!!!Laurie

From: Suvut@xxxxxxx
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC]   Telepathic Horses
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 20:45:59 EDT

Steph's post reminded me of something that happened yesterday. I was coming
home from a wonderful two-day camping trip with my young horse. My other
horse, Rocky, had been left behind in his 5 acre pasture. (Rocky hates being left

After I had turned Encore back into the pasture with Rocky and the "reunion"
was over, my neighbor wandered over and told me she had been watching Rocky by
himself since I had taken Encore away two days earlier. She said that after
the first 20 minutes, Rocky stopped screaming for Encore and settled down. He
was fine the rest of that day and all the next day --- UNTIL about 30 minutes
before Encore and I returned. She said she observed Rocky cantering around
the pasture, whinnying. She said it was as if Rocky just knew we were on our
way home!

This kind of freaked me out... How did he know????

Susan (from Louisville) -- AERC #1108

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