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Re: [RC] Aussie saddle - rackinfool

Well for what it is worth, and not much, I, having been a die hard Tucker fan, sold all three of my Tuckers and bought a Wintec Pro Endurance, which I do like a lot, but the saddle that I love is the Thornhill Trachten.
I need/like to ride with a longer leg, so the Trachten puts me in more of a Dressage position. The seat is well padded and the price is extremely reasonable.
I liked the first one so much, I ordered another one, so both boys have their own saddle.

If you have a horse with a very wide back, the Thornhill comes in a very wide tree. In fact I had to send the first one back as my new mount developed withers after losing 100 pounds of flab.
Thornhill was easy to deal with and sent me another saddle with the standard tree with out any fuss. I don't like to ride in a deep seat at all, and find on the most challeging trails I am able to stay put in the almost flat seat. Lots of freedom with this saddle and it weighs about 16 lbs. Very well made too.
Be careful, though. Not all Aussies are created equal! I had one that put
you in the right position, but have had two friends sore my horses' backs
with saddles that put them sitting back with their feet in front. Both
saddles were Aussies from different manufacturers.

Yes, they are really secure, though.

Maggie in Ohio

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> I love my Aussie saddle.  The main issue is most tend
> to have narrow trees.  Otherwise, it is a wonderfully
> secure ride and the saddle puts you in proper riding
> position.  If you ride in one, you really won't pay
> attention to the thigh holds at all .. and notice they
> are great for a secure seat with speed.  I believe the
> Aussies' knew what they were doing when they designed
> the saddle. =)
> Sarah
> Lansing, MI
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