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Re: [RC] racing too young/ was Racetrack trainer CA - Howard Bramhall

This is not a rumor.  It's been going on for years and is a big incentive for some riders to do well at an event.   There is big money in our sport if one looks in the right places; this is where it comes from.
Be that as it may, things might be dropping off in that arena.  The war in Iraq, the vanquishing of the Olympic endurance dream, and, other factors, the Sultans of Swing are turning more to the thoroughbred racetrack and away from endurance.  Those six figures and, even seven, paid for endurance horses may soon be a thing of the past.
I was surprised when Connie Caudill made her post on this subject stating it might be one of the reasons why there aren't that many 100 milers out on the trail anymore and hardly anyone responded.  I think she might be right on why the downward trend started and kept spiraling in that direction reference 100 milers.
To quote Jim Baldwin from his article in July's Endurance News about competitive riders, "No one wants to hurt, much less kill, their horse but many riders refuse to believe that it can happen to them.  When confronted with the facts that their horse is marginal and should stop, riders repeatedly come up with every excuse imaginable to try and go on."
Throw in the possibility of selling a horse for big money combined with a rider who is overly competitive and you do have a recipe for disaster.  Even though we are an amateur organization it's not possible to keep this sort of thing out of our sport.  What we count on is our vets, Ride Managers, and riders to keep our horses healthy during the event and our sport on the right track.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 12:54 AM
Subject: [RC] racing too young/ was Racetrack trainer CA

I hear rumors that some of the middle east countries will pay big bucks for
some of our proven endurance horses...especially mares that they can breed.
I read an article in a local Auburn paper while at Tevis that last years
winning horse was sold over seas, and she fetched a 6 figure sum.
True???????? Who knows...can't always believe everything one reads. But, I
was wondering during this years ride, when I saw such a young horse getting
pushed to her limits, if that was going through the riders mind. Maybe hopes
of selling this young mare if she preformed well at the ride???????? Who
knows...just some random thoughts on my part, with nothing at all to back
them up.

[RC] racing too young/ was Racetrack trainer CA, Jonni Jewell