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Re: [RC] Where oh where????????????? - Born Country

Speaking strictly from my point of view, North Florida
is a great place to ride.  You have quite a few rides
during the fall / winter / spring months.  Yes, it can
get hot here....90+, but we've found if we ride in the
early morning, it's not too bad.  Also, the night
riding can be a lot of fun.  

However...on the down side, Florida is not known for
making teachers rich.  Our teachers are some of the
lowest paid in the nation.  Have you thought about
maybe someplace around Atlanta, GA?


--- Maggie Mieske <mmieske@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok ridecampers,
Next month starts the countdown to the day I
graduate with my teaching degree...ok, it'll take 2
1/2, maybe 3 years if I add another minor to my
degree so it's not a pressing question...but
I want to live somewhere I can RIDE all year long. 
Somewhere I can compete at least once a month
(within a day's drive maybe up to 18 hours away).  I
don't care if it gets cold and even if it snows a
LITTLE as long as I have decent trails available and
can ride as often as I'd like to.  We've talked
about the west mostly....AZ or NM.  But boy, those
snake stories are NOT cool!!!! :)  And it's pretty
far from family.  What do you think about "middle"
southern states???? (The snakes sound scary there,
too.)  The job market for my degree is going to be
best in CA, AZ, NM and FL...high school
English/Spanish teacher with English as a Second
Language maybe.  I would definitely be coming home
to Michigan to ride my summer rides and keep
managing the Wolverine (they'll have to pry that
away from my cold dead fingers!).  :)  This is all
"someday" musings but once I start school, the
course will be in motion and I have some definite
plans on my "to do before I die" list.  :)  So, send
me your recommendations and suggestions.  In the
coming years (while I'm still in school), I will be
wanting to travel to some of these areas and try out
the rides and see the sights and meet the people. 
:)  (Do you really think I just want to RIDE at Big
South Fork?? ).  :)
Thanks bunches for any input!!  :)  
Miles of smiles,

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