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[RC] ? LD rides (shoeing) - Jonni Jewell

Some competitive trail ride organizations have shoeing restrictions;
maybe that was what your friend was referring to<<<

Just so this does not get turned into misinformation, NATRC does not REQUIRE
shoes. I have not seen any particular ride require them either. From the
NATRC rule book:

E. Shoeing
1. There are no shoeing restrictions

F. Tack
3. Protective devices on the legs of the horse are not allowed. The leg is
defined as all structures above and including the coronet band.

The reason I put the above rule, is that Old Mac boots provide protection to
the coronet band, and thus, are not allowed. But EZ boots are allowed.

I am not familiar with ECTRA, but did find their rule book on line:

1. Any type of shoeing, including pads, "Easy Boots", borium and/or
corrective shoeing is permitted. Unshod horses may be entered, but may be
disqualified at the discretion of the judges. A contestant may bring his own
shoes for emergency use, do his own shoeing, bring his own farrier or secure
the services of the event farrier. Any services by the event farrier shall
be at the contestant's expense.

Anyway, I just did not want the above statement turned into "I heard that at
a competitive trail ride you have to have shoes". We have just as many folks
doing the bare foot thing as the endurance rides do...maybe more so.

If you are in doubt for ANY ride as to if shoes are recommended, ask
management before the ride. Most will tell you what to expect as far as
footing, rocks etc.

Jonni in TX



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