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RE: [RC] Wintec endurance saddle - Libby & Quentin Llop

The proper distance between the low point in the saddle seat and the
stirrup bar, to sit in an upright balanced seat, is the same as the distance
between the ball of your foot and your heel. This allows you to maintain
shoulder to hip to heel alignment with a vertical stirrup leather. The
wintec endurance only comes in a 17 1/2 " seat.
 My guess is that your tall skinny husband has large feet and that the
(relatively small) seat size forces your pelvis forward of the deepest spot.
I'm somewhere in between and have only tried the saddles as they were
passing through. I sold them to big men for foxhunting and they are very
happy with them. If I was going to try one for myself, I would add a seat
saver to move the low spot forward and put a few cable ties around the
stirrup bars in front of the leathers to move them back a bit. My other
reservation about the endurance model is that the pro suede tends to stay
wet, whereas the slick stuff the 500s are made out of never gets wet.  Libby

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From: Heidi Smith [mailto:heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 2:06 AM
To: Libby & Quentin Llop; Nell Lindquist; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC] Wintec endurance saddle

The pro endurance is way longer
between the sweet spot in the seat and the stirrup bars ( puts your feet

I guess it all depends on how your body is built.  I find the Pro Endurance
to allow me to be quite straight, and even looking at pictures of myself
riding, I'm in pretty good alignment, especially for me!  I've had a bit of
adjustment to going down really steep hills in it, as it does tend to pitch
me forward a bit--but I think it's more to lack of strength in my back and
belly, and with a bit of work I'm pulling myself back together downhill as
well.  But it could be that being a chubby heavyweight, I take up all that
space, and end up being upright instead of in the proverbial "chair."  OTOH,
my hubby is tall and skinny, and he looks like a dressage rider in the Pro




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Re: [RC] Wintec endurance saddle, Heidi Smith