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Re: [RC] Telepathic Horses - Charles

I don't know the exact answer, but I can think of several ways.
He knows the time he usually gets home from a camping trip, and it was approaching.
He heard the truck way off in the distance..
Coincidence, if he had done it an hour earlier or even two hours earlier we'd be less amazed, and if he'd done it in the morning we wouldn't give it a second thought.
Maybe horses like Giraffes have a way of communicating that sends low frequency waves over miles of distance.  We can't hear them, but they can.  (Turns out Giraffes aren't silent, we can't hear them.  They use their neck like a drum to put out a low frequency wave that travels miles over the African plains, and allows them to be spread out over a large area and still be in contact).  I haven't heard of anyone testing this, but then again, maybe nobody thought of it.
He's psychic.
I'm curious what others think.  (personally I don't put out much faith in the psychic one).
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Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 8:45 PM
Subject: [RC] Telepathic Horses

Steph's post reminded me of something that happened yesterday.  I was coming home from a wonderful two-day camping trip with my young horse.  My other horse, Rocky, had been left behind in his 5 acre pasture.  (Rocky hates being left behind). 

After I had turned Encore back into the pasture with Rocky and the "reunion" was over, my neighbor wandered over and told me she had been watching Rocky by himself since I had taken Encore away two days earlier.  She said that after the first 20 minutes, Rocky stopped screaming for Encore and settled down.  He was fine the rest of that day and all the next day --- UNTIL about 30 minutes before Encore and I returned.  She said she observed Rocky cantering around the pasture, whinnying.  She said it was as if Rocky just knew we were on our way home!

This kind of freaked me out...  How did he know????

Susan (from Louisville) -- AERC #1108

[RC] Telepathic Horses, Suvut