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RE: [RC] LD to receive same recognition? - Margie Burton

And here I've just been feeling blessed to be able to afford a horse and trailer and have friends to ride with - little loops or big, 25 miles or 100.  Actually, where I live (in the city) there is only one park with horse trails and those total all of 10 miles.  And I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of those. 
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I joined an endurance organization to take part in endurance. Don't water
down the sport.

Good on you, Deanna.
    With the "rider friendly" loop rides now being conducted as "endurance" rides (yes, I know about the disappearing land available, etc.),  the only thing left after the "watering down" takes place will be one big hamster wheel, big enough for a horse and rider to jump on and get off once the appropriate mileage has been met.
    "Watering down" seems to be what alot of folks want/need these days.
    It seems alot of folks barely have time to ride a fifty or hundred, take a few minutes, throw the horse and everything else back into the trailer and race home, where, I believe the sky must be falling or the coffee pot was left on.
    You're in luck, Becky just came by and thumped me on the back of my head...gotta go.

Re: [RC] LD to receive same recognition?, DVeritas