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"spot on" type fly repellant - was Re: [RC] Cremello's RE: [RC] [RC] Endurance Futurity? - rides2far [RC] "spot on" fly repellant RE: [RC] "spot on" type fly repellant Re: [RC] [AERCMembersForum] Safety Issue- Ride manager alert Re: [RC] [PNER] Hi Tie rigging [RC] [RC] bungee ties....not my horses [RC] [RC] Endurance Futurity? - rides2far Re: [RC] [RC] Endurance magazines Re: [RC] [RC] FIREWORKS TERRIFIED RE: [RC] [RC] Hi Tie Snaps RE: [RC] [RC] Pine Tree updates Re: [RC] [RC] Sponging on the fly [RC] [RC] Tying to the trailer vs Bungees et al. [RC] ] Endurance Futurity? - rides2far [RC] 2006 COC Re: [RC] 2006 COC - TIC [RC] ABC'S Plus [RC] ABs for Tick? [RC] Advice re: Synergist saddle [RC] Anyone tried a Myler combination bit? [RC] Arnica [RC] arnica gel [RC] att. ride managers [RC] Australian vet email-pals (OT to endurance) [RC] Australian Vets [RC] Big Horn - horse available [RC] Big Horn 100 - $125 entry fee [RC] Big Horn 100 entry fee [RC] Big Horn 100 entry fee - $125 [RC] Big Horn 100 website [RC] Bighorn saddles and shortbacked horses [RC] Bloody Nose [RC] brass twist snaps [RC] Bungee ties Re: [RC] bungee ties.... [RC] bungee ties....not my horses [RC] Bungee/Hi Tie Re: [RC] Bungee/Hi Tie/Cuttin' loose [RC] Chuck Dent [RC] Chuck Dents [RC] clothing for desert riding [RC] Clothing used for hot, sunny desert riding, love to hear from non-USA riders too. [RC] COC in 2006 RE: [RC] Conjunctivitis [RC] Cool Bands for sale-Keep cool in summer! Re: [RC] Cooley Ranch ride [RC] Cremello's [RC] Decade Team Updates [RC] earplugs for horses [RC] ed kidd [RC] Electric Fencing Corrals At Rides [RC] electric fencing for rides [RC] Electrolyte Intolerant [RC] Electrolytes - as a supplement [RC] E-Lytes recipe [RC] Endurance Futurities [RC] Endurance Futurity [RC] Endurance Futurity? [RC] Endurance magazines [RC] EPM [RC] Equine TMJ [RC] Finger Lakes Region NY??? [RC] Fireworks [RC] FIREWORKS TERRIFIED [RC] FIREWORKS TERRIFIED/Ear plugs Re: [RC] FIREWORKS TERRIFIED--donkeys [RC] Flax Seed [RC] Fostering Military Pets During Deployment- Please spread the word............. [RC] Futurity [RC] futurity and other stuff [RC] Futuryistic [RC] Fw: [PNER] Sunriver...ya betcha! Re: [RC] FW: FEI COC Rule. (RE: [RC] Pine Tree 100 preliminary results) [RC] Fw: Trail Class
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[RC] head bobbing [RC] headtossing/ alsike clover [RC] Hero [RC] Hi Tie rigging [RC] Hi Tie Snaps [RC] Hilason saddles [RC] Horse collapse - thank you! [RC] Horse collapse question Re: [RC] Horse collapse question--not so dire [RC] horse needed for Soldier Hollow 25 LD [RC] looking for Chuck Dent [RC] looking for info on Tetons [RC] Mackay-smith [RC] Malibu Trail Images [RC] Mariposa Run for the Gold Results/stats [RC] Mariposa Thanks [RC] Midsummer's Night Madness [RC] Minimum pulse [RC] Moving to Kentucky [RC] NATRC Pulse criteria [RC] Newbie ? about rules [RC] Newbie and the MoonLight Ride on July 23. [RC] Nick Warhol- Mariposa "Run for the Gold" ride story [RC] Online Point Standings Updated [RC] padded riding tights [RC] PEOPLE WHO POST BEFORE THEY KNOW THE FACTS(MOONLIGHTMADNESS) [RC] photosensitivity [RC] Pine Tree 100 preliminary results Re: [RC] Pine Tree 100 preliminary results and what a crew! [RC] Pine Tree 30/50/100 Pictures [RC] Pine Tree preliminary results [RC] Pine Tree ride (long) [RC] Pine Tree trail notes [RC] Please Reply to: Char char.antuzzi@xxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [RC] Preventing ticks ? [RC] pulse criteria competitive [RC] Pulse question [RC] pulse question from RC guest [RC] Pulse questions [RC] Qualifying for FEI [RC] quick release snaps [RC] quick release snaps/pig horse [RC] RC{RC} FEI CoC [RC] re: BH entry fee [RC] re: heat rash on lower legs [RC] re: 2006 COC [RC] re: spot on fly repellent [RC] RE:PEOPLE WHO POST BEFORE THEY KNOW THE FACTS(MOONLIGHTMADNESS) [RC] re:RC Arnica [RC] Riding tights w/padding [RC] riding tights w/padding responses RE: [RC] Riding tights w/padding/carousel tights [RC] Rockin Heart Ranch [RC] Saddle Pads [RC] Saddle rocker and bridging-- [RC] saddles for middle/hea vy Wts. and shortbacks [RC] Saddles for Middleweights, Heavyweights and/or short backed Horses [RC] Safety Issue -- ride manager alert Re: [RC] Safety Issue - Ride Managers alert [RC] Sagebrush & Cedar [RC] SERA Website---this is what I said. [RC] Sommer Evolution Saddle [RC] Spirulina as a supplement [RC] Sponging on the fly [RC] Spot On fly control [RC] spot on fly stuff [RC] starting in the dark [RC] stay cool when you ride with COOL BANDS [RC] Steve Elliot [RC] Stirrup "cushion" question Re: [RC] Sunriver [RC] Sunriver Photos [RC] Sunriver, ya betcha [RC] Sunriver...ya betcha! [RC] Synergist Saddles Re: [RC] Teeth and Head Tossing [RC] Tevis and FreeForm [RC] Tevis question [RC] Tevis Question [RC] Thank you for tree suggestions [RC] The Shamrock....in Wyoming...Anyone here going? [RC] training rides [RC] Training toward an Endurance Futurity [RC] Tying to the trailer vs Bungees et al. [RC] V-10's & transmissions [RC] wanted: mature hundred mile gelding from New England Re: [RC] The Shamrock....in Wyoming...Anyone here going? RE: [SPAM] [RC] Electrolytes - as a supplement RE: [SPAM] Re: [RC] Safety Issue - Ride Managers alert FW: FEI COC Rule. (RE: [RC] [RC] Pine Tree 100 preliminary results) FEI COC Rule. (RE: [RC] Pine Tree 100 preliminary results)

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