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Re: [RC] Sponging on the fly - Truman Prevatt

If you pre-soak the natural sponges they pick up a lot of water - even
used on the fly. I find throwing the sponge a little back of middle of
the puddle and dragging it forward through the water before pulling it
up gets the biggest load of water.

Sponging on the fly is sort of like fly fishing - an art form that takes
a lot of practice. But Angie and Jody absolutely right - while you might
carry it attached to your saddle, never use it while attached to your
saddle (or attached to your body). It's better to stop, get off and pick
up your sponge than have your arm ripped out or a limb take you off your
horse because it was attached to you or your saddle.


rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Some people like a biothane "leash" attached to a natural sponge. If you
dip that's good because the natural sponge picks up *lots* of water. I
even saw Jody sponge on the fly with a small natural sponge. I just like
the hour glass shaped car wash sponge myself. The leash may be easier to
put away if you have long dry sections of trail. I just stick my sponge
under the pommel of my saddle if I need my hands free once I've gotten it
out. I just don't care for that leash getting mixed up with my reins. I
can also customize the length of my string better.  I once had a "bungee
sponge" which somebody had lost on the trail and I kept as "spoils" after
managing a ride. It had about 3/4" elastic instead of string. It really
snapped back to your hand at a dipping stop, but if you tried to sponge
on the fly it stretched too far and scuffed the ground on the swing


"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create
the universe."

- Carl Sagan


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Re: [RC] Sponging on the fly, rides2far