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[RC] Synergist Saddles - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Paula Juergens cowlitztractor@xxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

   Hi Mary,
I recently bought a Synergist, and am positively elated! My neighbor who is an 
avid trail rider, non competitive was so impressed she's getting one too. Her 
horses are HUGE! My guy isn't big, but he's fairly darn flat. Prior to getting 
my Synergist I had to ride my guy in an all round roper by circle Y, or my 
antique Bona Allen. Both of these are about as wide as you get for factory 
production saddles. My Synergist has taken the place of both of these saddles, 
and they did this one for him on a medium wide tree with a build up for a wider 
horse with an EXTREMELY short back. My guy has 20.5 inches from the back tip of 
the scapula to the articulating point of his hip joint. So they also had to cut 
the bars down and give them allot of flair so that he wouldn't get rubbed raw. 
Which is what the other saddles were doing regardless of width,because they 
were also too long and I ride in a 13.5 to 14 inch seat, so they are not big 
saddles. I'd tried a few other brands that were supposed to be the end all and 
be all of saddles. Sorry to say it, I don't care how much flex they offer or 
how fancy they are, I could never go back, I know now my little BLM mustang 
will never be rubbed sore, and never have to deal with pushing against a saddle 
frame that doesn't accommodate him personally again. And these saddles don't 
weigh a ton. I have extremely bad shoulders and really should have surgery 
done, but heck, even I can get one of these up on him, fully rigged with no 
problem at all!
My vote is definetly with the Synergist, besides, they make the saddle from a 
mold of your horss back,,, You just can't go wrong unless you mess up taking 
the mold.

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