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[RC] Fireworks - Suzanne Ticer

You can also train a horse to fireworks, guns and cannons.  My husband's previous hobby was reenacting and all the horses were gun trained. A good cavalry horse will barely flinch when a gun or even a cannon goes off.   It is easier if you have experienced horses to teach a new horse that the "big noise" is not something to be terrified of. 
We will place a new horse between two trained horses and start by shouting BANG as we ride.  We then work up to firing a pistol with a blank loads.  The new horse will eventually learn from the other horses not to spook.  You can also take bubble wrap with you when you go to the barn or pasture and pop it as you work around the horses.  Next get some small fire crakers and light them around the horses. I am not saying throw the firecrakers at the horse but light them in the area of the horse.  Of course make sure you and the horse are in a safe space and neither one of you can't get hurt.
This is just another training technique that helps any horse become more confident in different situations. 
Johnson City, Texas

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