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[RC] Sunriver, ya betcha - apleg8'n

Jonni and Laney et al;

I hate to say this but I must to help others that use this system for tying

In fact I am going to notify Hi-Tie Systems to see if they will help me on

Both my boys got loose by breaking away from the Hi-Tie quick release snaps.
This is not the first time they have done this by a long shot. However it is
the first time they both have been able to escape at the same time.

We figured that one must have pulled loose and been grazing around then
later the other horse pulled loose, that was bout 4am and I heard that one
come loose and jumped up, got Josh, who rode my other horse in the fifty up
and we discovered them gone in a flash.

Nothing broken but the quick release snaps came undone when the boys pulled
them open. Like I said this has happened several times previous.

I was just telling a friend about this and she said another endurance gal we
know has had the same thing happen to her horse. Not good.

I am now going to ask Hi Tie if they will replace my quick release with a
heavy duty Bull Snap. If they will not do this I will make something up on
my own. This was way too scary having my horses travel about 12 miles away
from camp to ever chance something like this again. As many of you know I
lost a mare up in the high Cascade Mountains four years ago and have never
seen her again. Fortunately in this area it was populated and good luck was
with me to have people spot my horses and catch them.

There seems to be no safe way to contain our horses. Quick release snaps are
a good idea for many reasons, but I will chance a Bull Snap that won't
release before I will go with the quick release on the Hi-Ties at my next
ride with two horses ever again. The nightmare I went through on Sunday was
more than I can explain to anyone that has not been through the heartache of
losing a horse to never be seen again. So beware people and take the
necessary precautions.


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