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[RC] RC{RC} FEI CoC - Nik Isahak Abdullah

Steph and all,
As Truman put in correctly the 12 kph minimum speed limit as in the new FEI CoC is no great shake.Some blokes in the fast desert sand in Dubai winter or some of Pierre Cazes prodigee in Compeigne ,France could do this blindfolded,even backward.The Pine 100 recent results as pointed out by Truman was an anomaly due to spurious weather condition.But as you say Steph many of your rides in the States do have difficult terrain and subject to high humidity and temperature and thus even in USA the new CoC ruling may be difficult to meet.Notwithstanding this you are in a lucky position to relocate your rides elsewhere even though this would not be fair for the regional riders in mountaineous regions.
One bright idea of course is to go round and round like crazy as one of you has suggested ,I am not sure she is serious or in jest.Sounds practical but sounds 100 times worse than racing in Dubai!
While one can appreciate the philosophy behind the new ruling as being based finally towards equine safety,this very rule tend to put horses taking part in endurance rides within 15 degrees north and south of the equator in serious jeopardy of certain death.
Personally what make me feel "sick and tired" with a monolithic body like FEI is that for years we have been having foreign judges and observers from FEI at our rides,at high expense, and they collectively have not contributed an iota to the principle that combined heat and humidity kills exponentially.This coming august we are having a 120 km ride that will start at 12 midnight to accomodate our conditions.It helps a wee bit but riding mainly at night in the jungle impact on the speed.We await with bated breath what Mr Ian William and Dr Somerfeld,2 big guns from FEI have to say in their subsequent report.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

PS:Steph, a million thanks to you for your thorough understanding of our problem.We would like to see you again for next year's Edaran.I am still working on the Terengganu Ride.Slim chance because they are working on a smaller budget.

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