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Re: FEI COC Rule. (RE: [RC] Pine Tree 100 preliminary results) - Truman Prevatt

While there is some validity to question the COC rule that is to go into effect in 2006 - I sure don't see the Pine Tree as justification to throw it out or even allow exceptions. You can't make rules based on "small probability events." You can base a rule sturcture on freak weather.

In 2004 - 6 of 14 finishers satisified the 13:20 COC. In 2003 all the finishers satisifed the 13:20 COC. The winning time in 2004 was 11:10 and 2003 was 10:18. Based on this, this is not a ride that would have been granted an exclusion since I sure can't see the FEI, or any organization for that matter, flying by the seat of its pants and granting exclusions after the fact based on weather.

If you sit down and look at the numbers over the past few years you will find that at most US 100's a 13:20 is not unusal and there are plenty of horses that finish within that time. Personally I have no problem with the 13:20 in the US for mature horses with a good base - my problem is with lowering the age criteria for horses that are being asked to do it and that comes from the USEF. If a horse is expected to be able to go compete at the FEI championship level - having to prove he is capable of doing that is not an unreasonable requirement.


Steph Teeter wrote:

Nik - and others - here's another example of why the new FEI rule, effective
January 2006 - which says you must finish at 12kph or 13:20 ride time to
earn a Championship COC (qualification) - is simply too inflexible. Top
finishers at Pine Tree CEI*** took 14+ hours. Hot humid conditions. None of
the riders could use this ride to earn their COC.

FEI needs to revise or amend the rule to accomodate ride conditions which
are not conducive to 13:20 ride times (heat/humidity or terrain or extreme
weather or whatever). Either allow rides to petition for an exclusion to the
rule (even afterwards, if ride conditions altered the outcome) or change it
so that it is based upon a percentage of the winning time (let the winning
time be the standard, not an arbitrary number that works best on flat fast

In my opinion, since rules are slow to change, the best course for FEI to
follow would be to allow petitions for exclusion, i.e. allow certain rides
to petition the FEI to alter the criteria used to determine the COC cutoff.
Use some common sense in this respect. The intent of the rule is to set the
bar higher for Championship level events. This (imo) is fine, but FEI must
allow some flexibility into the rule.

USEF, and other Federations (Malaysia) need to keep an open dialogue with
FEI regarding this. The Pine Tree ride is a prime example of a case where
the ride managers could/should petition the FEI Endurance committee to
consider the ride and conditions, and allow another option (e.g. percentage
of winning time) in determining COC criteria.

cc: Ian Williams - Manager, Endurance - FEI
cc: Mary Lutz - USEF, Endurance Director



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FEI COC Rule. (RE: [RC] Pine Tree 100 preliminary results), Steph Teeter