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Re: [RC] Equine TMJ - Laney Humphrey

I hesitated mentioning Todd's name because I know he has rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way, but I've always been comfortable with his dental expertise. Of course, now that he's no longer coming down here to California, I'm searching for someone really good to use now.
Thanks for your suggestion re the joint-cartilage supplements. I'll do it.

Tom Allen wrote:
Hi folks.
As much as I dislike Todd's political methods, he is probably an excellent equine dental practitioner, so chances are good that your horse has, indeed, as you mention, received very good dental care. As Sarah mentioned, little has been made known about equine TMJs. I would probably put him on one of the joint-cartilage-care supplements.
Best regards,
ps Sarah! The new unit is a Turnbow from turnbowtrailers.com and is like working in a new world! Photos are on the website. More to come.
Tom Allen, DVM
www.horsedentist.com <http://www.horsedentist.com>
Rte. 1 Box 176E
Patterson, MO 63956
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*Sent:* Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:00 PM
*Subject:* Re: [RC] Equine TMJ

The equine dentist (Todd Williams)who has cared for this horse since he
was 5 (he's now 10) thinks the meniscus is malformed (as I remember from
all those years ago when he did the diagnosis).  When the horse is
sedated for dental work, he has opened and closed the mouth to determine
the range of motion.  The horse is not in pain and he appears to chew
normally.  Fortunately, he carries himself in balance and doesn't need
much to be "collected."  However,I never ask for collection for very
long to avoid putting any additional stress on the joint.  BTW, it is
the left TMJ and he is much stiffer to the left than the right but there
may be other causes for that in addition to the joint.  He is a Spanish
Mustang.  Todd said Dino would probably die in his 30s and it wouldn't
be from TMJ disease.
Sarah, I'm hoping to do Steph's Owyhee High Country Pioneer this coming
Labor Day on this horse.  If we make it, you can play with his TMJ then.
  I'd love your input!

sarah metcalf wrote:
> What exactly is causing the "clunking"? Does the TMJ hurt? or is there a
> functional problem with the way he chews , as a result of a TMJ problem?
> It would be interesting to know more about this............there is not
> a lot written in standard textbooks on equine dentistry.
> Sarah
> PS. Hi Kim! Can you suggest any good information sources?
> I am definitely guilty of having NOT done an exhaustive search.
> Baker and Easley have a brief discussion of TMJ DJD p.129-130; Pat Pence
> and Tom Allen make brief references to the TMJ in their books; the TMJ
> is not even listed in the index of VCNA 1993 :The Eqiune Head" or VCNA
> 1998 "Equine Dentistry".
> It makes both logical and intuitive sense to me that malocclusions,
> sharp points, and any other problems causing dysmastication due to pain
> (eg. fractured cheek tooth), would be likely to lead to TMJ discomfort,
> if not outright pain and pathology. For that reason among others, I want
> my horse to have balanced teeth, a comfortable mouth and maximum range
> of motion in all directions. (And I DON'T feel obligated to wait for a
> double-blind controlled study to somehow prove that this is helpful to
> horses.)
> However.....because people are aware of the existence of "TMJ disease"
> in PEOPLE.........leading to symptoms that include headaches, they often
> wonder if their HORSE might be experiencing "TMJ". I have to tell them
> that I don't know. How can we tell? Did I miss that day in school? (That
> was back in the Peistocene era of course.) I always palpate the TMJ's as
> part of the pre-dentistry exam (and evaluate ranges of motion in three
> planes), but this is primarily so that if I run across something unusual
> I will recognize it.
> PPS. Hi Tom! Have cc'd this to you just FYE (for your
> entertainment)....in case you are in need of entertainment. It is on my
> list to give you a call, I want to hear all about your new trailer!!
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> Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 8:04 PM
> Subject: Re: [RC] Equine TMJ
>> I have a horse whose TMJ "clunks" when he chews. He's had superb
>> dental care his entire life; should I do anything more to help that
>> joint?
>> Laney
>> Ridecamp Guest wrote:
>>> Please Reply to: sarah metcalf dvm smetcalf@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:smetcalf@xxxxxxxxxx> or
>>> ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> ==========================================
>>>>>> Second, don't forget to have someone who understands the anatomy
>>>>>> check the lingual hyoid bone and temporo-mandibular joints as
>>>>>> well. The area of the TMJ is poorly understood in the vet world
>>>>>> and is one of the most neurologically active areas in the body.
>>> Kim Henneman, DVM, CVA, CVC
>>> Park City UT USA >>>>>>
>>> Dear Kim,
>>> What do you mean by neurologically active? I would like to understand
>>> the equine TMJ better.
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Sarah Metcalf DVM
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Re: [RC] Equine TMJ, Laney Humphrey
Re: [RC] Equine TMJ, Laney Humphrey