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Re: [RC] bungee ties....not my horses - Suzi Maiorisi

I was covering my trailer with a tarp the other day (no horses anywhere near, had furniture in it) and my sister and I were trying to get them all arranged and sproing! one went flying - took us 30 minutes to find the ding blinged thing as it shot over 75' across the yard OMG...I'll take my spider web thing for covering the trailer/truck bed and leave the bungees for stretching tarps over the chicken yard!
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From: Jonni
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 11:35 AM
Subject: [RC] bungee ties....not my horses

Marv posted : >>>The stretching of the bungees shrunk the diameter enough to
pull them out of their clips while still retaining the clips
to the cords on one side of the clips.One went completely through her lower
lip and blew the backs off of two of her lower incisors and chipped one
biting edge really good.During the two hours of Sunday barnyard surgery we
had a lot of time to talk to the vet about bungee injuries and

And I bet Marv was glad it was not a human that got hit by the bungee
missile. Can you imagine something hitting a persons body that hard? Enough
to take teeth off a horse??? Gawd, WHY would anyone use the dang things??? I
have heard MORE accident "reports" from bungees breaking and giving, and
then becoming a missile of destruction. And if you release one with a quick
release snap as it is stretched out, that free end is most likely going to
go flying and hit something, or someone.

If anyone loves bungees, I have a couple hi-tie bungees I'll sell you....cuz
they have been replaces with cotton rope ties on my horses.Also, if they get
a leg over a cotton rope by accident, it will be much less of a rope burn
that what the material in bungee ties will do......



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[RC] bungee ties....not my horses, Jonni