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Re: [RC] Anyone tried a Myler combination bit? - mjwest02

I have a Mylar comfort snaffle.  It has a 4" shank - I bought it so I would have more "communication" on the trail (and no blisters on my hand)  She responds very well to it, however, this past week my dressage trainer suggested that when I work her in the arena, NOT to use it.  I was using a French Snaffle on the trail and pulled many blisters (and since then had her teeth power floated and points removed and found that she had TMJ)  She doesn't seem to respond (listen) to the French link so my trainer is suggesting a hackmore or side pull (I will use my rope halter and see how this works)  My mare seems to "overflex" with the Mylar and gets anxious/stressful (do they sell prozac for horses?) -or it could be really awful past training issues.     
I am working on her "speed" issues and keeping her straight on the rail (on the trail she loves to look around, however, we still have the JIGGING problem) so we are working in the arena on speed ISSUES.    
They run BIG - I bought a 5" and had to exchange it for a 4  3/4". 
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Subject: [RC] Anyone tried a Myler combination bit?

My mare is well-trained in a halter, sidepull or bitless and I'd like to switch her to a bit so that I can teach her to better flex at the poll instead of traveling with her nose out.  She seems to get it pretty well in the AB sidepull (basically a rope halter), and will flex nicely at the poll in it (just at a standstill and for backing up-- we haven't gotten much further yet).  I ride her occasionally in a mullen mouth Happy mouth and she is fine in it, but still doesn't have a lot of experience with a bit.  I was looking at the Myler combination bits and wondering if these work well.  My thinking, that she already understands cues from a halter/bitless/sidepull and this would make it much easier for her to figure out what I'm asking and make the transition to a bit.  I am probably going to get the mullen mouthpiece to go with it, as she has a low palate and doesn't appreciate snaffles or french links very much, but is perfectly happy with a bit that is not jointed in the middle.  I was just won dering if anyone had any experience with these and if they work as well and are as gentle as the Myler company claims.  I don't want to shell out $100+ for it and end up not being able to use it because it's either too severe for my mare or she just hates it in general.  Any insight is greatly appreciated.
Carol and Gala


[RC] Anyone tried a Myler combination bit?, Claire Nystrom