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[RC] ] Endurance Futurity? - rides2far - rides2far

Ok, I hate to be the one to say this but:  STOP!!!!!   I think this 
is a wonderful idea, but, getting it all organized and together is 
another story.  I have seen LOTS of good ideas on RC in the last 
year or so...but that is it...They never grow into what they could.  
The go thru what Angie calls the "Thread Cycle" and die a slow, 
miserable death.  

Hey, HAVE HEART! Just want everyone to know that the medallion system is
not dead or even dying at present. The competitions committee asked me to
write it up in a proposal, which I did and they are considering it. If
you like the idea it wouldn't hurt to let them know you like it. Their
addresses are  docduane@xxxxxxx gailwilliams@xxxxxxxxxx equiphil@xxxxxxx
hovdel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx tch1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sleeeker@xxxxxxxxxx
rribleyendoftheroad@xxxxxxx Roger_Sue@xxxxxxxxxxx  Notice I just typed
their addresses so you could cut & paste easily. :-) If you want their
names & regions it's inside the cover of EN

That's  a *formal* sort of award and needs to be thought through and
implemented carefully. The "futurity" was more of an off the cuff fun
idea... sort of like getting up a Calcutta during an endurance ride. The
only reason I even mentioned running it through AERC is that "holding the
money" is a bit touchy. Maybe to keep it "casual" we could run it as a
"fund raiser" through the trails committee or something. I'd rather keep
the dollars low. Just for fun...not our version of "Sweepstakes" or

As to the person who wants to start "slower" allowing 4 years, you have
all the years you want. The 3 years doesn't start until you do an
ENDURANCE ride. If you nominated a 10 year old horse you just started,
you'd just have to do your 100 within the first 3 years. If you have a 3
year old you might want to wait a year or two and begin your 3 years when
you're ready to start your *endurance* rides. 

I'm still open to suggestions on ground rules. Think of this as a game
Jody. Maybe just you and I will do it with Cade & Cash pony. I think a
young horse really needs at least 2 good years of endurance  before his
first 100. If someone starts a 5 year old which turned 5 in May they
really only have a few fall rides (at least in the South)  for the first
year and I hate to count that as a "year". What if you could nominate any
horse with less than 200 miles of endurance? That way the person with the
young horse could ride in the fall, then have two full years of 50's,
then the third year hit for the 100. Too complicated? Hmm. Josie does a
couple of rides this fall, 2005. We nominate in the class of 2006. The
list of horses closes by the end of the 2006 season. We have a list of 5
or 50 horses who have paid $10 or $20. At the end of 2008 we look and see
who made it. Would that work?

There's nothing wrong with having the regular awards every year, but why
not throw in a fun little twist for the nonconformists? Doesn't go in the
record books. Not mentioned at the convention, just for fun.  Any editor
who has ever dealt with me knows I *have* to have a deadline. Maybe
that's why I liked this idea. >g<



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