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[RC] photosensitivity - Lori Greene

We just went thru this about 3 weeks ago.  We were in some local woods here by our house riding.  The horse I was riding was wanting to "pick" as we went along, and I had to keep on him constant and pull stuff out of his mouth.  The last thing he had got in his mouth was this large leafy jungly thing that took me forever to get him to give up.  Next day, he had a swelled eye (lower eyelid) and his nose was swelled, and his snip was pealing off his face.  I noticed his skin looked funny over his shoulders, and he happened to pee in front of us and it was orange/brown.
When we took him to the vet she said it was photosensitivity, the the plant had burned him.  His gums were yellow, he was weak, still ate his feed, but was going light on the water.  Did a liver count and his bilirubin was sky high.  She said at this point they could run fluids but said your running a risk of "popping him like a tick" if nothing was functioning right.  We brought him home, kept him out of the light, thought one day was going to be the day he'd take a "dirtnap" got really staggery.  But then the next day he was fine.  This all took about a week and a half.  But nothing was ever mentioned about liver damage afterward.  Or followup.