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[RC] Bungee/Hi Tie - apleg8'n

Wowee Zowee!

I sure am glad people are replying to this thread! My hubby was telling me
last night to cut that dang bungee cord off! I said well no lets wait and
see how his new rigging trials out today when I test it. He kept insisting
to just get rid of the damm thing.

Reading Marv, and Jonni and Ranelles stories on the dangers of the bungee
and knowing how far my bruisers can stretch that cord out, I will cut the
bungees off right quick! THANKS!!!

What my husband has rigged for me is a Safety Lanyard for Lineman. It would
attach to their climbing belts and it is designed to keep them from falling
to the ground should they come out of the cherry picker or off a pole. The
"cord" is made of a tough material, don't know what exactly it is, but it is
a two inch flat surface like the nylon on the Hi Tie but much stronger and
the "snaps" are very easy to release for a human but no way a horse can get
them undone. Like I said earlier rated for 26,000 lbs of brute force.

the whole length is long enough attached to the nylon strap on the Hi Tie
to allow them to reach the ground and hopefully to lay down, the safety
lanyard is adjustable as well as the nylon strap on the Hi Tie. I have to
test it still today with D'Artagnon to see just how low he can go....hey
isn't there a ditty like that?


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