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Re: [RC] FIREWORKS TERRIFIED--donkeys - Karla Watson

I'm thinking about
adding a donkey to the herd.  Is it true that they hate dogs?  I want
something that will go after the neighbors dog if he digs under our
pasture fence again!

Yes a donkey will keep that dog out. Donkeys don't do well with dogs unless they are raised with them or they know they are part of the family. Donkeys do and will hurt/kill a dog if provoked. They use them to protect livestock now and will ward off coyotes, mountain lions, even bears. They have been known to kill a moutain lion if provoked. They will pick them up with their teeth and whip them quickly to snap their necks. They also are good at STOMPING a preditor to death. I live with 2 miniatures and they are definately milder than the standard donkeys. So if you are getting a donkey to keep neighborhood dogs out and don't want them killed, you may consider a minature. Mine keep all the coyotes out. And for some reason are not happy with raccoons. My male is more aggressive and my female likes to "growl" at preditors.
The other thing to think about is the fact that donkeys don't do well with just other animals by themselves. They really do need/crave another donkey. They form extremely tight relationships with other donkeys. They will never be out of sight of their donkey companion.
They do fine with any type of hay (except alfalfa=founder), don't need grain, only need feed trims, are easy keepers and will make you laugh all the time! And they love kids and are usually very gentle with them. Donkeys are the most affectionate/sweet animal with 4 hooves.;-) My 2 donkeys are great babysitters for when one horse is left alone for the weekend when we are at rides. The only fault I give them is they are chewers, so I give them stuff to chew on. I lay a pile of wood/tree branches in a tall stack in the pasture that they can re-arrange & chew them to bits. Good luck!
-------------Karla Watson/Oregon