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[RC] [RC] Tying to the trailer vs Bungees et al. - Dreamweaver

BTW, tying short means just that so you have to hang your hay & water high, above the trailer's wheel wells.

That's why I like using a tie arm, so that my horses can eat and drink more naturally -- with their food and water down below.

Here is a photo taken at a ride earlier this year: http://aerc.org/Photo_Gallery/COLORCOUNTRY2005/P1010062.JPG You can see how easy it is for my horses to lie down (and roll) if they choose. I like having the haybags down lower, it makes it easier to fill them, they aren't getting pushed all over the side of my trailer by a hungry or itchy horse scratching it all up, and most importantly -- I like to have the horses eating with their heads down.

This photo shows how the horse can eat off of the ground, or out of the hay bag and buckets on the ground or near the ground: http://aerc.org/Photo_Gallery/NEDA_2005/P1010041.JPG To see the entire photo albums, go to the Photos section on the aerc site. http://aerc.org/Membership_Photos.asp

Before using a hi-tie, I used the (no longer made) trailer ties. The trailer ties were the same type of thing, but a solid metal arm. I used those thru 2001, and then changed over to the hi-ties--so I've been using them for four years and my horses have spent about 10 months of nights on them in that time, much of that with 2 horses. The tying system I use (with the velcro, nylon tie, cotton rope, rings, etc.) was developed years before I ever had a hi-tie. The *new* hi-ties are much improved, the rods are much thicker and stronger. I've got two older ones and one of the newer thicker ones on my trailer, if anybody wants to see the difference.

in NV


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