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Re: [RC] Bungee/Hi Tie/Cuttin' loose - abigail Madden

As an added suggestion for having a knife close by in case you need to cut through nylon/leather etc. to free a horse (or human).  First, when ever around horses I always have a sharp knife somewhere on my person.  Second, I have several "grape knives" in around the trailer and barn.  A grape knife is used on the vines.  Its got a handle and the blade is shaped like a hook with the cutting edge on the inside curve of the hook.  If you need to make a cut, you just "hook" what you are cutting and pull back toward yourself.  You could still cut flesh etc. on a frantic horse, but there is not nearly the risk of getting cut or stabbed as with a conventional pocket knife.  To keep them readily visible and available, I wrap velcro tape around the handle and then put the other part of the sticky on whatever/where ever I want to hang it.  There is one in the barn on a lanyard, one velcroed (sp?) up high inside the horse compartment of the trailer, and inside the tackroom door.  Thank fully, I've only had to use it once, but it did the job. 
Chico, CA

apleg8'n <rackinfool@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Taking into consideration everything I was reading on the group today, my husband gave up his $150 knife that is so sharp it scared me to death. He showed me how sharp it is and how fast it could cut the nylon lead on the lanyard should I need to make a quick release other than the "snaps". it came in a nice leather case and I have it right on my back door in the tack compartment that anyone could see too if they looked.

Re: [RC] Bungee/Hi Tie, apleg8'n