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Re: [RC] Bungee/Hi Tie - apleg8'n

Yahoo! I got the bungee cut off and the lanyard put on and ajusted and tested my big guy on it today. So far so good! he can eat off the ground move around but he isn't able to pull like he did with the bungee.
This weekend is Pacific Crest so I will get to really test it. I can adjust the length of the nylon lead. I will definitely take pictures. You really have to see these "snaps". Holy Cow!! and they can be released really easily and quick. There ain't nothing in the stores like these babies trust me.
And beware of the barrel release snaps. I have heard from several people that their horses have gotten them turned and took off, so I wouldn't trust those either.
Taking into consideration everything I was reading on the group today, my husband gave up his $150 knife that is so sharp it scared me to death. He showed me how sharp it is and how fast it could cut the nylon lead on the lanyard should I need to make a quick release other than the "snaps". it came in a nice leather case and I have it right on my back door in the tack compartment that anyone could see too if they looked.
He also is figuring out ways to reinforce the fiberglass rods next. I am telling you I might market my own dang hi ties now that we all are telling the problems with the current ones. That story of the horse getting his teeth knocked out blew my mind. Just think if it hit someone in the head. Sheesh!
The thing you will really be surprised at is the way the Exiss dealer bolted the Hi Tie things on the trailer. Now that is awesome! Way better than what the Company provides. The dealer said it is a major pain in the ass to do it this way and don't be telling everyone and sending them his way, but I am telling you it was worth the money and wait until you see it. I saw it on someone elses rig and copied it before Del had a chance to say no.
Ifn you don't hear from me next week.....it didn't work and I left the country.
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Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 9:27 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Bungee/Hi Tie

Once you've gotten it adjusted so you like it, take pix & post them so
we can all see.
another anti bungee person

[RC] Bungee/Hi Tie, apleg8'n
Re: [RC] Bungee/Hi Tie, Laney Humphrey