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Re: [RC] [AERCMembersForum] Safety Issue- Ride manager alert - Maggie Mieske

Every year I learn something new.  Every year someone complains.  Every year
I do the best I can and the majority of people have a good time and keep
coming back because of it.  I try to fix what I can fix if I can and have to
let the rest go.  I am amazed that you were courageous enough to put on a
100 your first time out.  I was too chicken and this is my 4th year and the
first time I am putting on the Wolverine 100 myself.  I am worried because
it is a tough trail and I want everyone to have a safe, fun and challenging
ride.  Your experience is a lesson for ME.  If nothing else, I bet this will
help a lot of ride managers take a good look at their finish lines for
safety issues.  Considering that the only "bad" thing that happened was that
someone got disappointed about their placing and no one was hurt, I don't
think you did too bad!  I'll take disappointment over injuries any day!
Ride management is a drain emotionally...it's like the day after Christmas
when it's all over.  It can also be a drain financially.  I have lost money
and one year we even made money (even though I checked and rechecked my
figures a hundred times because I couldn't believe it!).  If it wasn't a
huge loss, maybe you can make it up next year.  We need rides and we need
100 milers!  I understand if it's too much...I often wonder how simple July
would be if I weren't worrying about getting ready for the Wolverine but
then we do it and it's so much like a huge family reunion, that I can't NOT
do it anymore.  Take care and don't beat yourself up over it.
Maggie Mieske
Wolverine Ride Manager


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