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Re: [SPAM] [RC] Electrolytes - as a supplement - Mary Ann Spencer

Some put regular table salt, about a teaspoon, in the feed yr round to make them thirsty and hence drink more water.  Then in the hot weather use electrolytes daily.  I have always just keep a mineral block out for free choice licking.  They mostly lick in the hot weather.  There seems to be lots of theories out which sound reasonable but not necessarily the research to back it up.  Seems a lot of the research has come out of the emerging endurance riding folks.  Research takes money.  Not sure what the horse racing folks do but they do a much shorter workout.  Homeostasis does a natural return to keep the electrolytes the way the body needs them by dumping some or retaining some. Quite complicated.  There is probably some good research in Equus magazine or the endurance magazines.  Sounds like something that someone could find all the info about and put into a good paper for all to have for reference.  mas 
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Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2005 8:02 PM
Subject: RE: [SPAM] [RC] Electrolytes - as a supplement

Reason I'm asking is that I have a boarder - a first time horse owner - who
is insisting that I feed her horse electrolytes in his feed.  Along with
several other supplements.  I told her in the beginning that I wouldn't be
adding the electrolytes because I didn't feel it was good for the horse, but
now she's started prepackaging the supplements and I don't know what all is
in there anymore, except for the neon pink tack store electrolytes.  If I'm
going to take a stand on this, I'd like some facts to back it up.

Tall C Arabians - Central

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Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2005 7:16 PM
To: Rae Callaway
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Subject: RE: [SPAM] [RC] Electrolytes - as a supplement

> Can someone explain to me why giving electrolytes as a daily supplement is
> good idea?

As someone who doesn't think it is a good idea to supplement healthy
horses daily with electrolytes, no, I can't explain why it is a good
idea...  :-)   It's good to have some sort of a salt supplement
available to them free choice, but IMO it is healthier to leave it up
to them to use it, instead of putting it in their feed.



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RE: [SPAM] [RC] Electrolytes - as a supplement, Rae Callaway