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RE: [RC] Electrolytes - as a supplement - Rae Callaway

I don't think this horse will ever be an endurance horse.  They seem to be
heading down the show direction - even though his prepurchase exam showed
arthritis, they got him anyway.
 The stuff he's on (2x a day): 3lbs my feed mill pellets, 3lbs Purina Sr,
Flax seeds, MSM/Glucosomine, Strongid C and neon pink tack store
electrolytes.  Also, since they've talked about it and now everything's
mixed together and I don't know if it's in there or not - yucca, biotin,
clovite and sea kelp.  Plus there's the coastal hay that I provide and her
extra alfalfa hay.  I've never had a horse receive so much stuff per meal -
not even my 37 year old gelding who actually died of old age.
 My big issue with this is that the horse is ultimately in my care.  I'm
the one who has to feed him and I will be the one there if anything happens
to him.  He has had one rather severe colic episode shortly after he moved

Tall C Arabians - Central

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Subject: Electrolytes - as a supplement

Reason I'm asking is that I have a boarder - a first time horse owner 
- who is insisting that I feed her horse electrolytes in his feed. 
with several other supplements.  

When at the PNER convention, we stayed at a hotel that was also hosting a
3-day eventing convention. They were having a trade show and I walked
through. There was a feed company there that had a computer program that
he could put in your brand of feed and all your supplements and could
tell you how they interacted and what you were off on. As I walked by he
asked me what combinations I feed. I sort of apologetically told him I
just feed a good commercial feed and free choice bermuda hay, free choice
salt. He looked shocked and then sort of did a big sigh and said, "That's
the smartest answer anybody's had all day". He said he sees horrible
cases of people starting with a nice balanced feed then screwing all the
ratios up with all the additives they throw in.

As to the electrolytes...from what I understand, endurance horses become
alkaline. Horses with scours and race horses need electrolytes because
they become acidic. If you use their electrolytes on an endurance horse,
doesn't that just make matters worse?



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[RC] Electrolytes - as a supplement, rides2far