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Re: [RC] [AERCMembersForum] Safety Issue- Ride manager alert - Barbara McCrary

Another typical marking for a ride finish is a white line across the trail/road. This applies more to a 50-miler than a 100, I suspect, but such a white line cost me a first place once when my horse saw it and spooked to one side. This allowed the second place rider to finish first. I laughed at that.....served me right for riding a spooky horse, but I'm sure there are many others. I had one horse last year that spooked at all the trucks, trailers and awnings at the finish of a multi-day base-camp ride. It made no difference, since Lud and I were in the middle of the pack and riding together, but a spooky horse can make a big difference in finish order. The blinding light thing is something I should be aware of on our 100-mile ride. The finish line timer sits in an elevated "box" with a portable fluorescent lantern, and I've never heard anyone remark about it. Possibly the light is too faint and cool to cause a problem.


Barbara McCrary, ride mgr.
Swanton Pacific 75/100
"The Most Beautiful Trail in the World"
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When I was a very rookie rider and even rookier manager I put a lantern
on each side of the jeep trail width dirt road the Tellico 100 finished
on. I was called away from the finish line by a false claim that the glow
sticks were gone and had gone out in my truck to fix them. Jon Warren, a
very experienced AERC vet walked out to the finish line, saw the lanterns
and said they were too close, so he moved them a distance out into the
woods on each side. Three horses came in together...one of which (Allison
Herlong) had led the other two the whole way. They raced in towards the
lanterns thinking they designated the sides of the trail. The light
blinded them and first two riders literally ran into the woods and the
third came right up the middle and the person at the finish line
designated him the winner. I felt sick about it.  I still think Allison
Herlong and Star deserved that win. At that time I had no idea how
blinding lights could be to riders who were coming out of the dark.



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Re: [RC] [AERCMembersForum] Safety Issue- Ride manager alert, rides2far